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Living in My Car | Homeless in California | First Vlog


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Date: September 15, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Living in My Car | Homeless in California | First Vlog

  1. I've been living in my car for 10 months it sucks. I'm in the Inland Empire I make like a round 3500 a month and they're going rate for a place to qualify for places like $4,200 between 4,200 to 4700 just to qualify. You can find a one bedroom a decent one for 17 to 2,300 a month the average place is going between 1700 to 25 2600 a month and you got to make two and a half times of rent just qualify for the place and that's in San Bernardino

  2. Just letting you all guys know cause it seems like most of you don’t know; she’s lying through her teeth. Her son has a fractured skull because of her, she threatens her own family who were willing to help her. She’s a scam artist.

  3. DANG !!! You almost had me there RONNIE, I knew there was a strong reason I had disliked this video when I first came across it. Don't get it twisted, I get it, trust me the hell I do, If you're trying to repent for the things YOU'VE done in the past… I get that you want to atone for it. However the path you're going is not the right one and yet, REMAINING dishonest. This is not how you would atone for such careless things you've done as a mom, daughter, and being a partner to someone that had GENUINE concerns for you. What you're doing, is what you've always done, seeking exterior validation because you're afraid to confront your own void and heal the right way from it. I'm sure if you weren't so beautiful because, I'm not one to lie, your appearance is beautiful, you wouldn't have 18,000 dummies buying "your version" of your stories… LISTEN UP PPL, question every damn thing and PPL regardless of how attractive they may seem or how good it may sound. I know this video doesn't display anything negative, but it doesn't need it when the person controlling the story is getting this much pity and attention, she did tell ya and she wasn't lying when she said she doesn't need no pity.

  4. Y’all do your research on this girl before feeling bad. She gave her child a skull fracture, lied to the hospital, she threatened bodily harm to her mother before being kicked out, has a long criminal history and somehow is looking for a $40,000 brand new Mercedes van while “homeless.”

  5. I am 27 unemployed still living with my parents, but I wish I have a car to move out because I feel so embarressed that my younger siblings who didn't finish school got jobs and I didn't with my diplomas and years of college .. I just have some inner problems and trumas that I want to deal with. Being lonely is peace and freedom to me even it's hard sometimes, but I believe that it's so much better than sharing your life and choices with people

    Sometimes things are different .. I wish I was in your place even I know it's hard
    In my country, almost no one lives in his/her car so it would be so dangerous , and living with your parents it's so common and acceptable .. even parents want you to stay forever and love as a bog family with your future wife/husband kids .. but I like this independance about Americans, it's cool and beneficial and teaches you a lot in life sometimes and if you calculate it right .. I really want to live in a car for sometime and safe some money

  6. I'm about to be homeless too. I should have seen this coming. I suppose I could just end it all but honestly it's not gonna be that bad; I've lived in a car before after a fire. I have a job and good credit so I might go trade my car in for a van at least but dang they are not cheap. I would rather live in a shed in someone's back yard but nobody likes me enough to risk a zoning code violation, even though I'm practically a ninja. I lived in a big tent for almost a year once and I loved that but it was in a safe place that's not available anymore. Anyway, thanks for the video and happy birthday to you. This helped me feel a little less alone and abnormal.

  7. 🔴 This girl is a CRIMINAL🔴 Watch some other videos on the Internet exposing her. In short, child taken due to crushed skull, unsupervised visits not allowed, a wrap sheet as big as a book! But hey, you all think she is pretty righy? LMAO.

  8. I live in Mcminnville Oregon. SE Portland, OR is my hometown. Out all the cities i lived in the inequality, homless issue is crazy. i was blind to it growing up in the oregon burbs. Ive never been in legal trouble. Then I got a duii not long after I moved and probation kept me on paper. but that misdemeanor opened my eyes to how lucky i am. 75% of the people there used it as a hotel I play cards so I heard so many homeless stories it made me tear up. Thats when I really began my own financial education. Now ive spent a good 4 years understanding the financial system. I cant remember what economist said it, "every fiat currency eventually returns to its intrinsic value." a financial education is what will teach u the game. Noam Chonsky used the term the wildered heard cause that how the elite views the avg citizen. but thats is exactly what school does. makes wage slaves. a fool knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. and youll learn the biggest lie ever told is in your back pocket. those bills only have value cause we believe it does. and there is still demand for it. its all a racket but people are starting to learn

  9. Hey Ari, I currently am living the same type of lifestyle but out here in Desert Hot Springs Ca, I became homeless about 3 months ago, I ended up having a fight with some roommates over issues that mattered to me and they kicked me out, plus they were good friends with the boss at my job and ended up losing that. I have been looking for a job for the past couple months and have not had any luck despite how hard I try, and a couple of jobs didn’t want to take me because I mentioned that I was homeless. Be very grateful that you do have a Job and a membership to a gym that has showers because it’s definitely really hard without those. It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve had a meal and definitely about to reach a breaking point. All of my “friends” turned out not to be good friends and I have no family to help out either. I count my blessings a lot more now, just wanted to tell you to keep on pushing and always keep your head up, focus on yourself and stay safe, I hope to see you’re still doing well in the future. Things will get better for the both of us, just keep believing. A wise lady once said “Just keep swimming”. Much love from a fellow homeless man😁

  10. Crazy I feel the same way not wanting to be around people anymore but I have a six year old daughter. Same I don't want to get in details why I'm living in my car but I love the freedom too, I'm in L.A. but am going to get something in January. It's way too crazy expensive out here I agree. Thanks for this video it really helped me and I like the food tips!

  11. My brother is homeless in california i dont have any contact with him anymore. So can anybody help me reach my brother there? He used to live with my mom but my mom died recently i still havent spoken to him since then .

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