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Date: September 16, 2022

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  1. @Katie – I have a question for YOU,where do you accuire money for all this stuff that you shop-who or what provides you money? If it is not a secret? Thank't in forward for answer,yours college salutes you

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  3. I like that you constantly put up new and updated "nighttime routine" videos because just like many of the people watching, your night routine changes. I've been watching you for years knowing that one day your videos would come in handy. Well about 5 years later and they finally are, and your nighttime routine is different…and so am I. Things change. So, thank you.

  4. she inspired me to live on the road a year ago. worst decision i ever made lol!!! if i had a mobile shower and toilet it wouldve been cool though.

  5. I know this an old old video, but yes should definitely have tinted windows if you can afford it or as soon as you can afford it. Hanging all that stuff up is begging for attention. Please don't ever do this if you're living in your vehicle. You best off to crawl in the back seat and go to sleep with the risk of people looking in. With all the windows covered, a complete idiot will know somebody is living in their car. I'm talking to everyone here. I'm about to be living in my single cab pick up truck for a couple of weeks to get some money up so I can get my internet on, computer out of pawn and go back to working from home. I'm short, so I can easily lay down and stretch out in the seat lol it's a ,2003 Dodge Ram 1500. It was my husband's. A whole story behind that. The windows are tinted somewhat, but somebody could look in if they wanted to

  6. everyone in the comments living in their comments at one point because of tough times.

    Me: literally sad I cant because im to physically tall but still planning (obsessively) to live in a rv, van or camper within a few years to ease the financial half of focusing on my dream.

  7. When sleeping in my car I open the back door windows a few inches and put those mesh covers over the doors. I need fresh air. Have had to close them a few times in the night because of rain, not easy with electric windows. I crawl over to the ignition to switch it on, If I open my door while the car is locked, which I saw you do, my horn starts blowing..I learnt that the hard way. My best sleeps are in the car. Usually parked in a residential area between other cars. I park there after having found a toilet and gotten the car ready for sleeping. Then I leave at first light, looking for that toilet.

  8. I was homeless for 2.5 years. with my three children. We would all sleep in our Nissan Rogue & it was extremely uncomfortable. We finally got our apartment less than 2 months ago🙏🏼☀️

  9. Use Campendium app. Shows free campsites all over. Why not wake up to beautiful streams, forests, campfire at night as you look up at the stars? Get foodstamps, and medicaid if you can? Only thing you would need to worry about is gas for car, insurance, phone. If you can afford it get a jackery 1000 solar battery portable, get a small24" Tv with usb plug in, then load up a hard drive or usb with tons of mp4 movies, then you at least have some entertainment at night before bed. Plenty of jobs hiring now if you want to go that route? Im actually thinking about quiting my job get a truck with campershell build a small bed in back, get solar battery, kong cooler kees ice for 10+ days, theres my fridge, then just go adventure, explore, and travel to all the free campsites in southern, and northern U.S. Free rent, no electric bill, no water bill, gas bill, just use camping grill to cook on fire, have my tv, and xbox with my games all loaded up, grab a kindle reader put 20+ books for sitting in chair or hammock near peaceful beautiful scenery, quiet, tranquil easy living. Get a small dog, cocker spaniel for companion, your good to go. Why waste the best parts of your life selling your life for financial security, who knows how much time we have left on this planet? Go see the beauty, be free!

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