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LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Why New Yorkers Don't Own Cars


LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Why New Yorkers Don't Own Cars! A NYC Tour guide about why the majority of New Yorkers do not own cars and my top ways to get around the city!

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Date: September 16, 2022

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46 thoughts on “LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Why New Yorkers Don't Own Cars

  1. I’m goin on a 4 day vacation to NY for New Years & was wondering do I need a car? I plan on sightseeing, shopping the whole time & I’m trying to figure out would it be cheaper to just drive instead of keep paying Ubers/Taxis?

  2. Owing a car is not necessary especially if you live in the center of Manhattan.

    **I use a monthly unlimited metrocard ($130) to go to work and other places. Trains are good to close your eyes, relax and not drive.
    **I use a scooter to go to local places (park, gym, visit a friend etc).
    ** and some very rare occasions I use an Uber
    ** so average per month, less than $150

    ~~~~But owing a car????? Per month….
    Gas $100+
    Insurance $70+
    Maintenance $
    Parking $450+
    Tickets $
    Plus having to buy a car

  3. Man, I thought I was tripping. When I road tripped to Manhattan the first time I said "Where tf is the gas stations?!?" lmao…… Never drove in the city again after that

  4. To everyone who owns a car in Manhatten, drives it on a regular basis and fights for their right to get parking: You are an absolute legend and I love you forever. Especially if you are not filthy rich and actually put in the work to have that.

  5. I been to New York one time and you definitely don’t need a car at all!!! My dude and I parked our car in New Jersey we drove from Virginia we took the boat across to New York and had a great time!!! We took the subway every where ! Loved it out there!

  6. I love watching your interesting channel Mr. Conover, also really love your marvelous NYC apartment tours as these apartments really look cool and breathtaking which really makes me want to live in NYC one day, hopefully everyone else has also enjoyed your channel! Wishing you the best too! Plus I don't really think driving in NYC would be that hard however yes in reality it would get really stressful just like in Paris or London where the traffic is even worser as it is hard to find a space to park and stuff, still NYC is a cool place to visit!

  7. It most definitely is a plus if you have a car because as you can see, the subways are shut down overnight until further notice so yeah, a car is vital during those hours.

  8. I'm a native New Yorker here and I disagree, unless you live in Manhattan. Sure Manhattan is the worst place to drive but if ur a real New Yorker, you'd know NYC is way more than just midtown and in the outer boroughs you sometimes actually do need a car. In fact , driving is kinda better if ur trying to get to Queens from the Bronx. "Most New Yorkers don't own cars" get outta here, ur title should be renamed "why most people living in Manhattan don't own cars". Most people who live in Manhattan aren't even from NY. No wonder ur from New Jersey.

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