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Living with the BMW i3s // Ash Davies on Cars


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Living with the BMW i3s 120Ah. Topics include the car's looks, range, charging locations, how terrible BMW iDrive is, its brilliant turning circle, whether we'd buy an i3 over a Tesla Model 3, and how almond milk doesn't give you the shits. New videos every second Tuesday.


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Date: September 17, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Living with the BMW i3s // Ash Davies on Cars

  1. Man, polar opposite of my views.
    Touchscreen-everything in cars – I'm over it. It's so clumsy when driving.
    ICE/EV combined platforms – That's a major turnoff for me. Means the car will be fwd and have loads of compromises like raised floor for drive shaft, no frunk, and other stuff. I'd rather have a car designed as a pure EV from the get-go.

  2. It’s a cool car and fun to drive. T3 is more like watching tv all day while driving. And it’s not so expensive anymore. Sadly bmw is discontinuing them. Btw you and your brother has a great relationship. Admirable. Good review!

  3. Tesla’s ‘user interface’ is actually very bad design for a vehicle and it’s dangerous. You have to take your eyes off the road for quite a long time to look at the screen to do the most basic of functions. Compare that to reaching over and feeling a dial or a button without even looking at it. There is a reason commercial jets don’t have touch screens and have physical knobs & buttons. The only people that think it’s ‘great’ are people who haven’t really thought about it very much.

  4. Have had a 2017 i3 for the past 3 years – 220km of range when full – and range has never, ever been an issue especially with all the fast chargers around. I’ve done 300km single day round trips with no issues. If you want the most up-to-date charge locations use PlugShare.

    Regarding low power mode – when you get below 20km of range, it warns you. When you get below 10km of range it starts to limit how much power you can command and even when it gets to 0km you can crawl for a few kilometres.

    I’ve owned all sorts of cars and this is most enjoyable car I’ve ever owned. The problem with the i3 is with BMW Australia – they just aren’t interested in EVs. They want to sell petrol & diesels (or worse, hybrids…) so you have to have them serviced with them.

  5. I don‘t like the look, I think it looks like a smaller car on top, glued together with a bigger car below. This color combination is the best I have seen up to now, but still: my subjective opinion is: I don‘t like the design, never have.
    And the range is not competitive anymore to cars like the Model 3, eNiro, Kona, etc. – the „new breed“.

  6. There is a current model of the i3 that has blue belts. 😉 I love my i3. I will have another before they finish producing them. The i3 has to be flat bedded if it completely runs out of juice, but you would have to really ignore warnings to do that, just like a petrol powered car these days. How often have you run out of petrol in the last 10 years? I tend to charge mine after it’s < 10-30%, and it’s always ready in the morning, zero range anxiety. I rarely if ever charge out and about. My longest drive is from San Jose to Colorado Springs over 2.5 days (about 2200 km).

  7. 25% more juice over 8 hours on 230 volts??
    Seems very low.
    You can set the charging speed in the car, and on the charger itself.
    On 8 hours you can charge at least 50% if you set up everything properly.
    On 230 volts an a fuse of 16amps you can use about 3,8kw/hour.
    3.8Kw x 8 hours = about 30kw so much more then 25% of range.
    I love to calculate it all out because next year i will take the leap of faith from my F80 M8 onto an I3.
    Why and why not oot on a model 3 or model s?
    Really don't need the power anymore and you would be surprised how fast an i3 is on rolling starts, and for the model 3 or s its simple really,
    No American crap in my garage.

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