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Look at Life Vol 01 Transport Living with Cars 1964


Analysis of what is being done to cope with the increasing number of cars on our roads. Includes footage from London and Cumbernauld.


Date: September 16, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Look at Life Vol 01 Transport Living with Cars 1964

  1. Jesus.. This little film reveals the dogged 1950s " improvement" mindset underpinning why whole swathes of Britain's ancient city centres were simply razed to the ground in the 1960s. At the time of this film in my home city of Glasgow planners and politicians were gleefully executing a scheme developed in the 1950s to trash a 6 lane motorway thro the heart of a largely Victorian city centre. They got their way. These people quite literally ripped the heart out of the city so that whole inner city communities which had grown over 100s of years vanished overnight under the M8. At the same time a parrarell " improvement" scheme was planned for Edinburgh which involved, amongst other things, running a motorway thro the Royal Mile. Fortunately for posterity the maniacs were stopped by a group of largely forgotten lay people who organised to prevent the madness we see in this film.

  2. We knew we had an awful problem with our tiny island being so over crowded in 1964, and that steps had to be taken to tackle it.
    Begs the question, why did we allow millions of immigrants to come here over the next 57 years ? We are having to cover this little island in concrete to provide extra roads and houses.One day we might require that land to grow food and store water in order to keep everyone alive.We are quickly running out of land,and if the pound devalues substantially imported food will be too expensive.

  3. A second Mersey tunnel? I went to North Wales camping with my last boarding school – we went via Liverpool and under the Wallasey Tunnel – there’s also a Birkenhead Tunnel – are there any others? No doubt that some Scouser could answer that – I’m from Middlesbrough originally – now live in Somerset!

  4. Tunnels and elevated highways through city centers. Arid "modern" pedestrian plazas and concrete housing developments that become crime-ridden ghettos.

    One planning disaster after another.

  5. Very prescient: now we have the congestion charge and the low emission zone to reduce the number of cars and their pollution. We also have families with two or three cars. And fuel duty +VAT as the major part of the petrol and diesel price. How did all that happen?

  6. Love the part about Liverpool, those flyovers have just been demolished and the waterfront is an even bigger mess, it's been dug up for over a year causing misery and delays for all.

  7. East Anglia was known as the salesman graveyard because of it's old roads back in the 1960s. It didn't even have a motorway if you wanted to drive to London, A11all the way, and the trains took 4 hours.

  8. It is ironic that when this film was being made and shown, they were ripping up the railways all over the country. One side telling us the railways were ancient and not necessary in this modern age…..another side like this film telling us that the car situation is already getting out of hand and we need to plan for the future.

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