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LOOKBOOK 🧺 Unboxing & Try on of our new Little Women Atelier items 🕯 Beauty and the Beast


Hi dearest!

In today's video, let’s unbox the packages full of linen treasures sent to me from our LWA family atelier. I have already filmed the lookbook of a complete collection before, and since we have new items in the last period, we decided to repeat this type of video (only in the new room; we finally get our stuff from France this Monday, can't wait to start furnishing our house)! 🧺

So grateful to my beautiful muse Yulia for her invaluable contribution to this video; she is the real-life Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ isn't she?!

Wishing you a pleasant viewing!



Some new designs of dresses and sundresses! What I love about sundresses is their versatility and the ability to create different looks and layer them for cooler weather:

🧺 00:58 First Love Dress

🧺 02:13 Summer in the manor Dress

🧺 02:44 + 04:48 Pumpkin Pie Top

🧺 03:12 Sunday Morning Sundress with ruffles

🧺 03:55 Sunday Morning Sundress

🧺 04:35 Forget-me-not Dress

🧺 05:04 Granny’s Jam Sundress

🧺 05:29 Flower Fairy Sundress

🧺 06:23 Cherry Orchard Dress

🧺 07:09 Cottagecore Dress

Much love,
Luiza LWA

🎬Today's video:

00:00 Preview
00:12 Unboxing ASMR
00:57 Tale as old as time | Beauty & the Beast aesthetic
02:13 Try-on of our new LWA items
06:45 Duo

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📩 W E B S I T E –
📩 W E B S I T E (R U S) –
📩 C O N T A C T –
📩 I N S T A G R A M –

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Date: September 17, 2022

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41 thoughts on “LOOKBOOK 🧺 Unboxing & Try on of our new Little Women Atelier items 🕯 Beauty and the Beast

  1. I am thankful for watching the best of both worlds. Your channel and DaryaDarcy (with subtitles). The new dresses are so beautiful. The chocolate brown is definitely my fall favorite.

  2. Как же вы женственны, нарядны, красивы! И девочки растут, впитывая в себя ваш отличный вкус! Вы большие умницы, вся ваша семья♥️

  3. Lovely, stunning. Oh to be that size again. As I heard it from an older lady who has since passed, "the sand has sure sifted." Indeed it has for my 68 age. Thank you for sharing.
    In Joy

  4. The ending was so adorable!! 😊❤❤ I love all of the new items! Having the sundresses as a sundress, but then being able to put over another dress is fantastic! So many mix and matching really extends your wardrobe. Everything was beautiful!

  5. Omh did i just cry ?????🥺🥺 They look all so amazing!! Out of this world ♥️
    I just lost the sense of time admiring the beauty of this dresses :))
    You are doing an awesome job 🤭

  6. OK, but I just lost it when I saw the little girls try on the new dresses. It's so big on them, and they couldn't even fit. It's so cute 🥰🥰🫠. I love the whole Beauty and the Beast motif as well. That was really nice 🤗🤗

  7. Атмосфера сказки… Модели одежды выше всех похвал. Белая зависть, что вы живёте в своём мире, а не в навязанном. Успехов в творчестве

  8. Здравствуйте! Ваши видео это волшебный мир сказки! Очень красивые вещи, все девочки прелестные! Спасибо.

  9. Bonjour !
    Comme cette vidéo est belle !
    Toutes vos créations sont magnifiques !
    J'aimerais toutes les porter !👗👗👗
    A très bientôt.
    Marie 💖🌺🇨🇵

  10. I just found your channel. Can you please explain it to me. I love the clothes, do you all live in United States? Thanks for the information. We live in Pittsburgh PA and I will share your videos TO THE BURGH(STTB). ENJOY your day!

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