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Los Angeles mayoral candidate Karen Bass reports gun thefts


Los Angeles civil rights attorney Leo Terrell and Outkick founder Clay Travis sound off on ‘Hannity'

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Date: September 17, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Los Angeles mayoral candidate Karen Bass reports gun thefts

  1. If Los Angeles is safe why do I see on the LA news every night stores being robbed by bandits doing take over people being followed home and being shot for their watch home invasion crimes road rage shootings the list is endless and they do not even prosecute these animals and in most cases they get out of jail the same day homeless people that are crack addicts trying to rob you walking down the street. F the governor f democrats!!!!!!

  2. Fire 🔥 joe bidon fire 🔥 joe bidon fire 🔥 bidon where us Americans come from if you lie to get your job you get fired so 🔥 fire joe bidon so you stupid people please fire 🔥 joe bidon hey you stupid people pass the word for our country please you stupid people pass the word to all the news to all the net works out thare please do it for our kids and our country fired joe bidon come on you stupid people fire 🔥 joe bidon please pass the word fire 🔥 joe bidon fire 🔥 joe bidon for our country fire 🔥 joe bidon us Americans demand this you stupid people fire 🔥 joe bidon fire 🔥 joe bidon trump was the only one who was running against him so put trump back in and get our country back to trump and trump will get our country back to ware it wants was

  3. I wonder if she even really had any guns just like everything else the Democrats Say the dumbest things and think people will believe it because the fake news shows it on the local news they don’t lie

  4. Something is very dirty going on just can’t figure out what I haven’t had my house broken into but my car has and they took everything stereo speaker box The few dollars I had in glove box and you are trying to say they only took one thing a box that happen to have two guns the whole thing stinks

  5. "Comrade Karen," who was a big fan of Fidel Castro, visited Cuba eight times in the 1970s. She sympathized with the Communist Revolution even while they were imprisoning and torturing homosexuals and other undesirables. You can check it out on Wikipedia.

  6. YouTube alone is proving the fact Americans are winning back their country inch by inch not by Bidens open borders or " turn a blind eye policy " but by arming themselves and when demanded are responding with deadly force against violent criminals. These actions will grow as long as Joe Biden is allowed to be in the oval office! Gorbel would praise Joe Bidens propaganda with open arms!

  7. The politicians have their felons, that they keeping free ,..instead of in jail,
    Doing their dirty work,. Assassins assaulting innocent people,. Their purpose is to keep us inside our homes, fearful to get out on the streets, because they have the felons out free, they are turning the law out on to the people,. They are putting us in jail and the felons free,. That way the politicians don’t have to do the criminal actions they want to do,. On the citizens of America 🇺🇸

  8. Bass or someone close to her(Ray Ray the family delinquent) used these guns in a crime and now she's trying to create distance by announcing they were stolen. THAT is the only thing that adds up here. There never really was a break in. It's why none of the cash was touched.

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