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Make Money becoming a Transcriber/Transcriptionist! Just write down what you hear!

You'll learn all that you need to be familiar with how to get paid for transcribing in 2022.

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0:00 – What is a Transcriptionist?
0:50 – How much can Transcribers Earn?
2:02 – Website 5
5:16 – Website 4
7:48 – Website 3
9:41 – Website 2
11:20 – Website 1

You will find out about what abilities you really want to need to turn into an transcriber, the ideal composing speed, what hardware you want to begin, language abilities, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Transcribing is a lucrative and high-demand skill that is in constant need. If you're looking to make some extra cash on the side from home, you should consider becoming a transcriber. There are lots of transcription jobs that you can do online from home. In this video, I will be going over 5 websites where you can transcribe for money. I will also be talking about how much you can earn from these businesses. So let's jump right in.


Date: September 18, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Make $30/HOUR Doing Online Transcription Jobs From Home Worldwide (NO EXPERIENCE)

  1. I have a question since some of the websites need PayPal, do you need to have a credit or debit card in your PayPal acc? I'm sorry if this sounds dumb cuz I'm under 18 and not sure if I can receive money when I don't have a credit card or a debit card

  2. Hi buddy, excuse me where do you live?
    Can I earn money as being refugee in Indonesia?
    I stuck in Indonesia, I just have refugee card, is it possible I make money by this situation as you shared in your video?

  3. Excelent video. A good tip for you concerning the sound of your videos: Consider using an isolation shield to avoid echoes, due to the acoustic characteristics of the room where you are recording your videos. By the way, thanks for the tips in your video.👍

  4. 3Play Media's assessment test is easy since you will only transcribe sentences that are from 3 to 8 secs. The thing is, they take very long to respond to your application. Mine took almost 2 months before I heard back from them. I almost forgot that I applied to them. Just to hear that I am on their waitlist since they currently have a lot of transcriptionists already.

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