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McEnany: Are woke teachers trying to enrage parents?


‘Outnumbered’ reacts to a Connecticut teacher handing out worksheets on the first day of school on systemic racism, White privilege and other topics.

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Date: September 16, 2022

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34 thoughts on “McEnany: Are woke teachers trying to enrage parents?

  1. It's ridiculous! You have endured such national events as the American landing in Taiwan! Zero tolerance! I'm just an ordinary people . Can't you stand to express a little different opinion?

  2. AbsoIuteIy Ioved the gaI (MicheIIe, I think) who is/was a Sports JournaIist! She was right to the point about those throwing around the word "marginaIized" as if it is some badge of recognition or courage, when the reaIity is about doing your job and getting it done in as supremeIy as you possibIy can. Seems Iike in the Iast 20 years our American society went from "poIiticaI correctness" to this neurotic, WOKE form of IabeIing or seIf-identifying, which is a reaI pity and disservice to everyone in our country. Great discussion, fantastic interaction, and fiery! I give "The Five" an A+ today!❤

  3. Damned straight Social Justice,Marginalization and White Privilege do not matter. What matters is reinforcing the potential in every child. Giving them the real world tools that will allow them to thrive.

  4. Don't get the job because of the color of their Skin not based on their merits or the character or how hard they have worked instead of a child standing next to them another person of color that may not be as dark they won't get the job because the fact they're not dark enough Skin not based on their merits or the character or how hard they have worked instead of a child standing next to them another person of color that may not be as dark they won't get the job because the fact they're not dark enough. Sadly it's just gone off the cuff instead of based on your merits alone your hard work. It just doesn't count anymore.

  5. It's very devicive and when these teachers can't seem to teach the basics like when our country was founded our 1st president 1st president where is our capital because there is a wonderful young man who goes around asking these questions to a lot of college students. What country is Hawaii in Look this young man up on YouTube it will blow your mind every parent should see it. Look up Justin Adwad.

  6. Public schools are not government schools. Public school must have parent involvement (parents are public) because it's the parents who pay for that education not the government. Even when the Fed sends money to the schools and try to dictate the curriculum is money from taxpayers not government money. Gov needs to stay out of the education system and US Dept of Education must be eliminated because it causes more problems than solutions. Centralizing education is one step closer to communism.

  7. It's great that these women are cooperating with their husbands. They're supposed to be a team. Thr people should know all they can about their candidates and a short biography of each candidate should be available for citizens to know a bit more for whom they are voting.

  8. Educate every MAGA just how smart they are giving their hard earned money to a billionaire instead of spending that money on themselves or their family. 😂🤣😅😂🤣😅

  9. What a dumb f..cking woman…if she knew anything about teachers she would know they are exhausted trying to just keep their heads above water with behaviour,curriculum, and a host of other issues

  10. They're not trying to enrage parents. Everything they do is behind closed doors. They never expected to be infiltrated by project Veritas. This has been going on for years. The divide in our country isn't so much from the politicians as it is from teachers in the classroom perverting the minds of our future.

  11. Everything that exists deserves to perish… that starts with religion. Karl Marx philosophy… WOKE philosophy. Blessed is he who has no family… both his daughters committed suicide for the Marxist movement. This Marx movement is demonic!

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