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McEnany: This is why 'forgotten' Americans left Democrats


‘Outnumbered’ panel discusses Stacey Abrams supporting in-state tuition for illegal immigrants and D.C. issuing state of emergency over influx of migrants. #FoxNews

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Date: September 17, 2022

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48 thoughts on “McEnany: This is why 'forgotten' Americans left Democrats

  1. I'm an US Citizen, but it took me 12 years to bring my brother and sister to US regardless of …….. they were welcome by any governor authorities like those illegal immigrants. They are giving them papers so they can vote on the next election, that is the reason why they are not going to close the borders.

  2. Banks underwrote those student loans. The Federal govt insured them. Govt just defaulted on those loans… it's as if FDIC had been activated nationwide. So…student loan based post-secondary edu is all done. In a few years, student loans will be much more difficult to obtain. This issue is a rapidly vanishing Uroboros.

  3. Can Stacy Abrams really promise to spend the state's money (or federal government's) if she gets elected? Doesn't Congress have any say in the matter — or whatever the equivalent state legislature that may have some authority? If she can do that, what's stopping all democrats from making outrages promises — like "vote for me and WE will make sure you can have an abortion on demand.."
    Then what happens if she ALMOST wins, will the people that did vote for Abrams still make her keep that promise — because they kept their promise and voted for her. That's another Pandora's box the democrats are opening. One way or another, they may be successful at starting their revenge civil war after losing the first one.

  4. They are letting all of them over here because they know they are not going to win the next election with the legal American vote so they want to let as many illegal immigrants in as possible make them feel so well taken care of give them free stuff so now they have a million more blue votes to take the election it's their plan yall it's time to wake up

  5. Stacy Abrams better not win. She is literally goin to ruin this state. I have grown up in GA my entire life and I love it just the way it is! We don't need free college for people who are illegal

  6. Gov Abbott made a very good strategi by bussing migrants to democrat run cesspool cities where they can really SEE how poor their leaders are running the boarder! It's the perfect timing!
    Wake up liberals and smell the failed policies by your failed leader Joe Brandon!

  7. Thirty years ago, my aunt waited for years for a visa approval and and got rejected on the ground of not having enough capital or a waiting job contract or close family citizens. Legal immigration meant something profound then, it had value.. now all these people are let in basically without any checks.. the same has been happening in Europe too.. everywhere liberal democrats took over any semblance of borders and proper legal checks are being disassembled. Unchecked immigration is destabilizing and destructive to any society.. just look at France, Germany, Sweden for examples; what happened there would never have happened under less extreme or non-liberal governorships.

    Well, the democrats and liberals wanted migrants, they should take care of them.. but on their own resources, not everyone's. Or else everyone in America should het the same "free" benefits.

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