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Minimalist car set up – Tiny Car Living


Simple is better.

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Date: September 16, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Minimalist car set up – Tiny Car Living

  1. This Is A Great Video. Nice The Way You Have Everything In ITS Place. For Cold Weather, The Key Is Solar System. They Have All Types Of Heating For Vehicles. One Lady In A Car Used An Electric Throw Blanket At Night. She Said Her Equipment Worked All Night. Question. Since You Have Black Outs For Your Windows, Could You Sit Those Bags To The Side Or Up On The Shelf Until The Next Day. I Know Sooo Much Now. I Was Out There, A Senior. I Knew Nothing. Dead Winter. I KEPT Myself Warm With Cover, But Getting Up Was Hard. BATHROOM 😆. I Went To The Laundromat To Clean Up. The Water Was Hot And NO One Knew I Was In My Vehicle. Sometimes I Park Right Up Front At Walmart. I Left The Covers Off The Front And Just Used The Back.. One Of The Best Things To Do Is Put A Yellow Worker's Vest And A Helmet On The Dash Board. In An Apartment Now, But I Know Just About Everything About Types Of Vehicles Used And What To Do. If Boom Docking And There Is A Lot Of Sun, LET Your Vehicle Face The Sun. PUT YOUR COVER ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE GLASS. THE GLASS IS WHAT MAKES THE VEHICLE HOT. IF I Wasn't So Senior, I'd Get Me A Mid Size Tall Van And Build It Into A Tiny Apartment. I Don't Like A Vehicle Where You Have To Get Out Of The Vehicles And Walk To The Housing Area. It's Too Dangerous. Little By Little I'm Getting Items I Need Just In Case. I THINK I SHOULD STOP GETTING SMALL ITEMS AND TRY TO GET A GOOD SOLAR SYSTEM. That Way I Can Take Small Items From The House In Case. HANG IN THERE YOUNG LADY, YOU DOING GREAT AND THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEO

  2. Just found you on Dia frugal living YouTube channel. I'm 68 with a little dog. I'm slowly converting my 2004 SUV and I hope to go full-time by this summer. It's scary but I'm retired and living on my very small SSI has become so difficult. I'm looking forward to being a nomad. I'm enjoying your videos and your setup. God bless your journey. I liked and subscribed.

  3. Very nice decorative bags for clothing, etc ! Real nice and concise! If you feel comfortable with talking more on the clothing aspect and cleaning, etc… appreciate it. Very nice setup!! 😊

  4. I like that you cook "inside" the care. I really don't want to use the emergency little propane single burner thing that I have, so I would buy a power source to use something like a single electric burner I have…I've traveled cross country in my 2009 VW Sportwagen, using motels and my rolling carry-on kitchen inside…however, after looking a minivans, I have been thinking of using the car as a "microvan." I do have a special diet so I need to carry some bulky noodles that I order online and a lot of amino acids. So, storage will be paramount. Love seeing your ideas…

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