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Most Unbeatable Horror Movies


Even though we have covered how to beat many horror movies, today we're looking at which movies deaths were close to unbeatable.

0:00 – Intro
0:12 – Bird Box (2018)
2:00 – Final Destination (2000)
4:45 – The Cabin in the Woods (2011)
6:15 – It Follows (2014)
7:55 – The Ritual (2017)


Date: September 18, 2022

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50 thoughts on “Most Unbeatable Horror Movies

  1. I think In it follows. You could lure it into the bottom of the deepest ocean pit. Or put them in cement or whatnot. I mean by the time it escapes you’ll probably be dead from old age

  2. The Wes Craven movie They the monsters in that movie once they mark you they will relentlessly hunt you down and there's nothing you can do to win they will get to you and eat you alive they can also alter reality.

  3. It Follows can, hypothetically, be beaten. If you could trap the invisible shapeshifting thing then you could potentially escape it. The survivors also managed to shoot it in the head, so it can be slowed down with guns.

  4. I don't know how the book lore goes, but in the movie The Ritual, it never says that Moder can expand the woods. In fact the main character manages to make it to the edge of the woods while Moder is still chasing after him, and after Moder realizes he's made it outside of her (yes Moder was a female despite what the movie said) territory she stayed in the treeline for a bit to rage about the loss of one of her potential worshipers before slinking back into the forest. So if Moder was extending the forest how did he escape? It clearly wasn't by Moder's will so that shouldn't have been possible.

  5. fun fact: final destination 5 takes place before the first final destination, which makes THE final destination (or final destination 4) still the final destination

  6. My favorite death in a horror movie is, the sister of the main protagonist from Mirrors. When she is laying in the bathtub and her mirror self rippes her mouth away its brutal and scary at the same time

  7. tbf if we grant these things presence IRL butt because its IRL… the screen thing wouldnt work.. also vision requires a photon hitting an object then hitting ur eye..
    as in u physically didnt look at it thru a screen or recording or picture.. also this brings up things like specialized visors or glasses…

    it follows.. easy.. best method using logic of the movie.. space is a massive place and the best solution…
    it will NEVER come back to earth lol

    personally i think.. most horror movies and such.. the monsters and creatures are facing unrealistic dumbdown humans.. no shot any of these would beat humans.. human intelligence as a collective it just too much for nearly any horror monster..

    think freddy kruger.. IRL fbi will investigate and they will determine how they died and eventually who didnt do it. and the probably that no human would have been able to pull off so m e of the feats the ded people where found… then its all from one town .. thats helpful ..

    horror movies absolutely underesitmate human intelligence.. t hey kinda have too cause horror movies wouldnt last that long

  8. Alright, it follows is easy to do since everyone you have sex with will have sex with others given they don’t actually die first, but maybe you can go to a brothel close to a well used airport, given that some of the people you have sex with would be travelling around the globe also having sex would make it nearly impossible for it to catch up to you within your lifetime, even if they don’t pass it on to too many others.

  9. In bird box, couldn't they just… Leave before the creature came? Like if I couldn't afford to I'd at least attempt to leave by feet or in a vehicle. But I guess it's not that simple if it's in this video.

  10. u need to get rid of the screen between the other moives becuase its just bad put somthing else like game play or somthing and the voice var is not it dawg it makes me mad lol no harm meant

  11. Ginosaji is the most unbeatable death! The guy chases you and slaps you with a spoon forever (until you die). You can't stop it, you can just wait for your death.

  12. i believe cabin in the woods is beatable! (not by the Japanese schoolkids example). in the movie, towards the end, the director (sigourney weaver) says the virgin could live or die "as fate decides". judging by the fact that this ritual has been happening for generations, i'd say someone has to have survived the ritual in the cabin in the woods.

  13. "Evidence gets given hints ahead of time"

    The piece of paper literally saying the name of one of his friends. Such a hard one. Who could it be?

  14. I'd say It Follows only appears unbeatable. While it seems so for most of the movie, and you can't really do anything if you're alone, but with help, you can most likely stop it. I can think of a few ways, though that depends on if what was in the movie actually holds. It can only walk, at a single speed, and takes the shortest route, but always on foot. Also, It is more like an invisible immortal monster than ghost, cause It can be injured, and incapacitated. Moreover, It doesn't seem to be supernaturally strong, since It has trouble with doors (and had to use a brick or a stone to break open a window).
    As such, I'd say it'd be a combination of ways of permanently disabling It. For example, shooting It in the head to stun it, wrap in chains/concrete coffin and dump it in the sea, shoot It in the head and put a spike through it, at least as an experiment to see if that can stop Its regeneration. Maybe dismemberment, or incineration? Or, move to another continent, while making sure It isn't on the plane/boat you're taking. While It seems immortal, It can be wounded, and incapacitated. It also doesn't take public transport, so It'd either have to swim or walk along the seafloor. First could maybe make It shark food, second would disable It permanently, since It'd be stuck in a constant loop of being crushed by the pressure.

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