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Movie Soundtrack Greatest Hits 80s 90s


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21 thoughts on “Movie Soundtrack Greatest Hits 80s 90s

  1. 1 – Power Of Love (Back To The Future) 0:00
    2 – What A Feeling ( Flashdance ) 4:01
    3 – Burning Heat ( Rocky 4 ) 7:57
    4 – Fight To Survive ( Bloodsport ) 11:52
    5 – Shocker ( Shocker ) 14:12
    6 – Trick Or Treat ( Trick Or Treat ) 18:11
    7 – Dream Warriors ( A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 ) 20:59
    8 – Love Kills ( A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 ) 25:46
    9 – No Easy Way Out ( Rocky 4 ) 31:18
    10 – The Moment Of Truth ( The Karate Kid ) 35:40
    11 – Never ( Footloose ) 39:14
    12 – Winner Takes It All ( Over The Top ) 43:01
    13 – Best Of The Best ( Best Of The Best ) 47:02
    14 – Fight For Love ( Kickboxer ) 51:14
    15 – Feel The Heat ( Cobra ) 54:37
    15 – Road Of The Gypsy ( Iron Eagle ) 58:40
    16 – Ride With Me ( Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man ) 1:03:08
    17 – Angel Of The City ( Cobra ) 1:08:25

  2. 80's was die beste tyd in Suid-Afrika gewees. Geen geweld nie, geen misdaad, geen regering wat korrupt was nie. Geen Politieke geweld of korrupsie nie. Polisie wat gewerk het, krag was nooit af nie, water was skoon, geen plaas moorde, geen bang wees om buite the loop of the speel na 11 in die aande. Regtig Suid-Afrika was die land on the bly. Die middle man kon op vakansies gaan twee keer tot drie keer ñ jaar, weermag wat die werêrld kon aanvat. Maar ja gee alles weg dankie FW.

  3. Awesome selection, Thanks! as Johnny Lawrence say "This is bad ass music" 😎 Question, you know who sings (Shocker)? I looked on Spotify and the Soundtrack doesn't have this song. and Shazam doesn't recognize it 👀

  4. Why did the 1980s and 1990s have better music, better movies, and better TV series than decades in the 21st Century AD have had so far although life wasn’t really easier in the past? Because from what I now know, addictions are like germs. They don’t hide forever, but some of them don’t get discovered until much later in history! Technology might be more advanced, but the human brain regarding health generally isn’t, so people are too focused on smart mobile devices (just like when Telly Monster from Sesame Street was “glued” to a TV during his debut on that show and therefore his name) and obviously not resistant enough to focus on talent. With help from HAPPYneuron (a cerebral fitness site), I managed to cut down on fiddling with mobile devices outside of home and only use them when they’d come in handy during such times!

  5. Just a beautiful era and I just want to cry because I miss it so much. Truly a wonderful ear with amazing music, cartoons, movies.. seriously a magical time as a kid 🥲

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