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MSNBC guest slammed for new racism claim


‘Outnumbered’ panel discusses an MSNBC guest calling migrant bussing racist and comparing it to segregation

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Date: September 18, 2022

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42 thoughts on “MSNBC guest slammed for new racism claim

  1. Feb 2020: "We love illegal immigrants so much! We're gonna create sanctuary cities where they will be welcomed with open arms!!!"
    September 2022:

  2. Texas didnt say they would take care of them. New york did because "They" are a sanctuary city… they said they would take them. Now they call it racism because they have to feal with it!!

  3. Here comes that pesky anchor again (claiming racism )that is the scab that YOU REFUSE to LET HEAL. To continue to indelibly tattoo any and everyone as a racist that doesn't agree with you, or as your basis for arguments. Is the greatest sign that you have no real argument , only a trigger word for some , and brings blinding light to your own character and ignorance.

  4. Especially Cartel killing raping children and any who speak up to stop. Shot in the head.Not to mention, the drug smuggling going on. Biden has committed Helter skelter as manson on our COUNTRY! HE AND HIS STAFF NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED NOW!!! ALONG WITH HIS SON ARRESTED I BELIEVE THIS LAP TOP HAS SOME INFO TO HIDE WHAT AND WHERE BIDEN HAD GAINED TREMENDOUS AMOUNTS OF MONEY ! NOT JUST IN OTHER COUNTRIES BUT RIGHT HERE IN THE USA. SUCH AS THE COLLEGE FUND KICK BACKS.

  5. What an uneducated hack. Joe Biden was the face of the democrat’s anti school bussing segregationist movement. She knew that BUT doesn’t care because it’s all about politics.

  6. I want to get dropped off in Italy, you think they would give me a pocket full of money a free phone and put me up in a nice hotel. No they wouldn't neither would any other country they'd throw you in jail. But not this moronic administration.

  7. What right does the ACLU have to sue republican governors over the voluntary relocation of illegal aliens? "To defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States". This is what the ACLU was founded on in 1920. Last time I checked, the open border policy of the left is unconstitutional and unlawful, so how can they justify suing constitutionalists for desperately trying to stop the lawless biden regime's open border policy?

  8. I think it's hilarious! RACIST, how original. The word has become a victim of semantic satiation, thanks to it being the only word the lying democrats use to describe half the population of our country. Not only people though, I've heard them call weather (tornadoes, hurricanes +++)….racist, water racist, music, movies, certain vehicles, flags, hair styles, dance moves, viruses, animals, TV shows, movies, foods/beverages, sports, and on, and on. They wonder why it doesn't even faze people anymore, jee, I wonder?🤔🤦‍♂️

  9. The song "Power" (@Texas A&M Univ.) is played as the football team entrance piece just prior to kick-off for the AGGIES at Kyle Field. Some are claiming.."yeah, it's racially slurred and profane, but we don't sing the lyrics"- "It's just an instrumental". Others, "We play the clean version"….do what? If not for those horrendous lyrics, this song never would have existed. I suppose a posted/announced disclaimer at Kyle Field is in order? It's saddening and confusing the lengths some people will take to try and justify the existence of something that reflects so poorly on TX A&M. One of the chief obstacles to progressive change here is the fact that so few Aggies are even aware of the lyrics. That will change.

    What if the song contained lyrics promoting cop killing? Or encouraged the resumption of slavery? Or the abuse of children? The dissemination of AR15's? Would an "instrumental version" remain acceptable and appropriate knowing full well what those lyrics are? Are there any lines that can't be crossed today? Based on the former OU coach who recently resigned and the backlash created by the spectator at a BYU volleyball game, the data suggests there are. Musician Morgan Wallen was barred from the ACM award function just last year for using a racial slur. Recognize, trust and believe the data. Some things are just not acceptable.

    Others have suggested it's OK for a person of color to use these shameful and hurtful slurs and others can't…is this not racist in itself? Think long and hard about that one. That's a confusing and dangerous road to take. It's not OK. Learning to respect yourself might make respecting others an easier choice. I wonder what Dr. King's thoughts would be on this notion? Apply a little dose of tough love?

    Regardless, the extreme profanity with MF-bombs, references to sexual acts and organs in the song's lyrics should make the decision an easy one. Yeah, it's chocked full of beneficial goodness. The selection of such a crude song is very perplexing. At best. It's tradition now, but does that make it any less toxic and inappropriate? Google the lyrics…you'll be shocked. A state supported institution no less… One that prides itself on producing leaders.. Are $$$ and wins the priority here over common decency? Perhaps there wasn't an over-riding scheme/intent behind the decision maker's selection. If there was, the selection of this song in particular is somewhat distressing. Regardless of its popularity. We ought to be better than this.

    Our core values…..are some departments exempt perhaps? The AGGIE CODE of HONOR: "Is an effort to unify the aims of all Texas A&M men and women toward a high code of ethics and personal dignity ". Do we have a somewhat disturbing disconnect here? Are you a parent? Need to walk the talk IMO.

    Would there be any negative consequences if another song, lyrically devoid of racial slurs and profanity was chosen as a replacement?

    A&M has an optimal opportunity here at becoming part of the answer, not the problem. Tough love for Texas A&M…we are better than this. Gigem

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