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My 12 Favorite Men's Clothing Brands To Resell Of All Time


The Menswear Manifesto 3:
– 330 men's clothing brands
– Each brand analyzed by sellthrough rate, price and category ranking
– Use on your phone or desktop
– You decide how much you want to pay me for it


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These are my twelve favorite men's clothing brands to sell on the internet in used condition. There are many brands that are worth more money per item, but are more rare. The brands in this video were selected because while uncommon, I do find them on a regular basis. They are also all in exceptionally high demand and have generous profit margins if sourced intelligently.


Date: September 17, 2022

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20 thoughts on “My 12 Favorite Men's Clothing Brands To Resell Of All Time

  1. I found lululemon trousers at the bins. I assumed they were women's, but they were the ABC Men Pants (what ABC means is pretty interesting). Sold for $64! With one small repaired hole by me (disclosed) under a belt loop.

  2. You are awesome! My sister in law gave me lots of women and mens clothes to resell … mens are doing great .. women not so great.. where did you say the other day on a video that you take whatever you don’t sell on eBay to sell? Besides Platos’s closet.. do you know of any other place? Thanks for your videos! Favorite reseller YouTuber by far!🤗🤗💙💙

  3. Im just getting into mens clothing this year and this was a great video to run into! I sold a Loro Piana Cashmere sweater last week in a few hours for $300! So I can definitely agree that brand is a huge bolo!

  4. Finally remembered to download the manifesto. And paid! I don’t need a gold star for that, just pointing out as it’s likely already been done – that info can double or triple what some of us make depending on how we chose or can use it, there’s no reason not to support the hard work you put into it.

    I don’t spend much time on YouTube so of the few videos I’ve even watched of yours, I knew I wanted it and would support period.

  5. I give hundreds of dollars a month to the local lululemon store because my wife is a yoga instructor. I haven’t ever found any of the other brands but that is probably because I live in Alabama. We have a lot of Faded Glory and Wrangler.

  6. Thank you for all of your information. I took the information you compiled in your manifesto and broke it down by clothing category. This way the information is all in one alphabetical list when you are looking at a particular item (pants, shirts, coats, etc). I would be happy to send it back to you if you think it would be in any way helpful. Greatly appreciate all of your great information.

  7. I just found my very first Matt brand!! SIMMS boardshorts but I never can find smartwool I'm always looking maybe living in Florida doesn't help lol Thanks for your help

  8. On your Clothes after you do the original listing for an item how often do you update it to keep it at the top of the list on ebay? Do you sell more clothes on Ebay or mercari?
    Do you use Grailed and if so how does that work out for you?

  9. Hey love your channel! I'm also based in CA (LA County) and am starting up a reselling business. Do you have a seller's permit and did you have to get a business license or file anything with your city? I'm trying to find out exactly what I need to do to keep everything on the up and up

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