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My Dogs Try On Halloween Costumes 2


Ooo sorry I almost forgot to type this because whenever I wear a lip color (WHICH NEVER HAPPENS) yall always want to know what it is it's Smashbox liquid lipstick the color is called Teal With It

And also here's last year's costume video :

And my dogs' wedding which was beautiful and I somehow got my actual friends to come to lol

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Date: September 18, 2022

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20 thoughts on “My Dogs Try On Halloween Costumes 2

  1. 8:05 "Marble, see this is the point of Halloween – you scare other people with your costume, your costume doesn't scare you" is a quote that lives rent free in my head for some reason. It comes to mind whenever I manage to turn an overwhelming situation into a tolerable one

  2. These customers were freaking great… Marble as a vampire made me almost die from the cuteness and the mermaid and merman were great… It is almost like Peach put on a vogue face when the wig was put on. Ive rewatched these so many times. I miss Jenna, but glad she is doing her. I don't think she was treated very fairly. We all make decisions were not proud of when we're young. I know I certainly have.

  3. I know this is 3 years old, but for the hooded costumes, you could sew a loop on the hood and a button on the sweater part so you can just slip the loop over the button and it’ll stay held back so it doesn’t fall in his face.

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