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My Top 15 Horror Movies [Anti-Supernatural]


♥ In today's video, I share my top 15 horror (and thriller) movies of all time. I'm pretty new to horror movies in general and have a pretty specific taste. I hate everything supernatural, which means that I “miss out” on a bunch of them. I only like movies where human beings are the bad guys. Do you agree or do you prefer the supernatural?

Oh, I'm sure a lot of you will recommend Split, but I have seen it and even though it was okay it was not a movie that I really enjoyed all that much. So yeah, have seen it, not on my list.

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Date: September 17, 2022

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33 thoughts on “My Top 15 Horror Movies [Anti-Supernatural]

  1. Great list! I'll check out these films… Here are some of my recommendations:

    Eden Lake (2008)
    Orphan (2009)
    You're Next (2011)
    The Strangers (2008)
    Open 24 Hours (2018)
    The Collector (2009)
    Don't Breathe (2016)
    I Spit on your Grave (2010)
    Last House on Left (2009)
    Wolf Creek (2005)
    When a Stranger Calls (2006)

  2. Love your taste – also can't fully connect to supernatural stuff, and vampires/werewolves/zombies/gore-torture-porn flicks never interest me either. And boy I LOVE twists! The Invitation and Primal Fear are such good examples of a plot twist ELEVATING the movie. The only supernatural(ish) horror I quite liked in the recent years was It Follows, it's like a fever dream.

    Definitely watch Nightcrawler and Nocturnal Animals – Jake Gyllenhaal is like a synonym to a great thriller for me, even less realistic Donnie Darko and The Enemy are really-really great with him.

    Can't recommend most movies by David Lynch enough – it's not supernatural, it's usually surreal and creepy and twisted and what-not, 10/10 for atmosphere alone

  3. "I haven't watched older scary movies." Ok….but u have at least seen the original Halloween right? Right!? If this helps any, I also do not really ike older movies that much. However, Halloween is the BEST horror movie of all time. And y'all can def @ me if don't agree cause ill defend that statement to the death

  4. I love supernatural movies a lot but for your description, try what "I Know what you did last summer and I still know what you did last summer(second part). Try watching Saw. It has different parts but it's quite scary But pleaseeeeee, try and watch some supernatural ones. Silent Hill is one of my best. I has a very interesting yet scary story line. Also check out The Omen. Please, do check them. Thanks 😃

  5. You might enjoy ‘The Ritual’
    I’m a fan of very different horror movies for sure but this one sounded like one you might enjoy- I don’t specifually remember if it was a supernatural enemy in the end though…

  6. If you are interested in getting into older movies that aren't like older movies I would try some Hitchcock movies. Nothing is supernatural in any of the ones I've seen and they have the very clean produced hollywood thing going for them that you like. I would also check out the movie Charade with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant.

  7. You should watch Don’t Speak, it’s amazing! Such a great concept, so many twists and had me in the edge of my seat the WHOLE time! Nothing paranormal either 😉

  8. please watch The Ritual ,its set in a Swedish forest/wilderness ( yes because u r Swedish), also wolf creek , because that shit happened. IMDb ( I mean, damn u beautiful), 9.9/10 KB.

  9. Another recommendation would be "Goodnight mommy". But you need to hang in there because 80% of the movie is just creepy but it's a build up and at the end it's like a major plot twist and it's mind-blowing! Like everything makes sense and it makes the movie soooooo good!!!

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