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My Van Life is a Lie…


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Natasha Hynes, from Montreal, Canada, bought a Dodge Sprinter van in 2021 with the dream of waking up in the mountains of the West Coast. After downsizing her life to move out of a toxic living situation and into a van with her 3 cats, Natasha crossed the country overcoming many obstacles along the way.

Over the following four months she would cross the country two more times, once on her way to document a historic moment in Canada, and another after being abandoned without a vehicle by her then co-traveler on the wrong side of the county.

While facing many life-threatening scenarios along the way, she made her way back to her van on the west-coast. Her vlog, Quest Out West, chronicles the good and bad of van life, travel, and life struggles without the glamorous bias you see on social media, with the ultimate goal of inspiring you to face your fears, transcend limitations, and go after the life you really want. , 1674431074 , 2023-01-22 15:44:34 , 00:12:17 , UCX8I4zkhU-QqVfad_CrDBuQ , Quest Out West , 252 , , vanlife,van life,quest out west,natasha hynes,canadian vlog,canadian vlogger,canadian vanlife,canadian van life,travel in canada,vanlife in canada,solo female traveler,solo female vanlifer,vanlifer,solo female van life,Alyssa Vanilla,re: i don’t actually live in my van,alyssa vanilla youtube,alyssa van life,alyssa vanilla van tour,alyssa vanilla car tour , , ,, #Van #Life #Lie

Date: January 24, 2023

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36 thoughts on “My Van Life is a Lie…

  1. To everyone suggesting the library, here's why I dont just go to the library:

    -Only 9-5
    -No coffee or food allowed
    -Hard to lug all my gear in an out (especially when I have to warm up the cats every once in a while)
    -cant keep an eye out in case someone tries to break into my cargo bag
    – because I dont want to

  2. No one wants to see 5 videos a week from the same person. Everyone that i watch and 99percent of my friends watch, they put out 1 video a week. If its 2 its only because of a special event. Gawd! Relax! They use solar and a booster of some sort and they just get it done. And edited! Lol. I dont think its as complicated and life changing as you are making it.

  3. Oh my gosh, I cant relate more to what you're saying about getting stuck in one place too long or feeling the need to approach things a certain way because it seems more "logical." What you said about thinking we know the best way to achieve our goals, but realizing that in reality we have a very limited knowledge we're basing that on and we're really just guessing. Couple that with negative previous experience/self preservation and I'm really making decisions at a low vibration level. It's scary to follow your inner guidance do the thing that seems like the less "safe" option- but you are totally right- every time I do that things turn out way better than if I had forced "my way."

  4. Hi Natasha ( Quest out west ) Great video I have to say Every one's van life is different their is No set routine for van life I've done it for over 40 yrs and I'm here in the USA But things are different for every one you will find the path that works for you P M A ( Positive Mental Attitude )

  5. Have you heard of Aaron Abke? He is fantastic! Believe you are provided for and allow it to fall into place. Check Aaron Abke out. He really is wonderful xoxo

  6. You are doing this perfectly imperfectly unique to you.

    Keep listening to those inner niggles. 🙌💜💜💜🙌

    I totally relate to how you navigate “stuck”. I’ve just had to check myself this way. I got out of that feeling when I made the decision to allow flow again. I’m not sure about you but when I’m stuck I have this habit of taking action without feeling inspired. It becomes a need to do something without understanding the need. Does that make sense?

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. ❤

    Nala cuddles 🥰🥰🥰 taking care of her mama. 💜🫶🏼

  7. Follow ur heart, wherever it takes u! Much of van life is about exploring, live the experience, enjoy the day but it's like u said, don't get too comfy……or u can get stuck. It's nice to see u know ur limits n what u need to do to avoid old repeated behaviors and/or attitudes that may hinder u from living ur best life!!!!

  8. No 'lie' about it, really. Everyone in Van Life does their own thing – and that's kind of the point. Think about your goals, plan out how you get there, execute the plan as best you can while being flexible about solutions to problems that come up. That's all you can do.

  9. Hi there. I think you need to make your van your home. When you build yourself a bed, storage, a kitchen area, more importantly is to decorate your home. When you do this , your energy levels will go up and you will be able to work inside your van. What I did was stay in campbell river for the winter. Less driving and lots of things to video. It's quiet and plenty of places to have quiet spaces. Find yourself a home base until your van is ready and your in a better mental places. Plus, go get your blood tested. Go see a doctor. You could have something wrong and you think it's carbs.. anyways, message if you want 😊

  10. Well you know chrome and he has the starlink and has all the power he needs and he loves to edit and he does it never coming out of the bush and stays out there for days and still puts out videos left and right but he already has all that mess and well, has a lot more money that most don't but he deserves it as he works his tail off doing it but he also loves every bit of making videos. Takes time to get that far where he is at

  11. I understand stuck. I have been house bound because I have an old cat. I am inspired by you taking your cats with you.
    I really like the way you edit your videos.

  12. I'm on my 2nd week of my 1st car life adventure and I decided to go ahead and finish at San Francisco! I've never been and always wanted to go…I'm sitting at a pretty empty gas truck stop but it's in a pretty safe industrial area, not my fave but it works… staying here for one more night too hen finally heading back to Phoenix!

  13. Maybe you should reach out to some other vanlifers and ask them how they're able to do they're vlogging in the video editing in the van? Minivan Lee seems to be very helpful she might be able to help you out she may even have some videos that talk about that there's definitely a way to do it if you want to do it. Supplementing your van life once in awhile it's okay it doesn't make it a lie everyone has to figure out what works for them best. Minivan Lee definitely does the full-time van life but she stays in the hotel or motel once in awhile

  14. The videos that are edited like yours with all the music and scenery shots probably have the means to hire editors if they're getting videos out every week. You're so close to getting there. 🙏✨️💗😃

  15. Good on you for listening to your intuition. Now you've discovered another avenue of accessing workspace that will be condusive to your productivity, bonus that you also have access to full bathroom amenities and are safe there. You can look for 'hotdesk' in every town you go! It's a win/win if it's affordable

  16. Hey Natasha, you are amazing…. and alot of the other vanlife youtubers have someone working for them editing videos, I know of a couple of them that just send footage to their sisters and they do all the editing….. I think you are such a level headed intelligent person…. renting a work space is a great idea actually! sending you much love!

  17. good for you Natasha, I think you'll find most youtubers hire editors from FIVERR and places like that to pump out their videos quickly and consistently. Your mental health is more important 🙂

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