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Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 vs Challenging UK Mountain Weather ! Wild Camping in the Lake District


Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 vs Challenging UK Mountain Weather ! Wild Camping in the Lake District

I head to the mountains of the Lake District National Park to test out a new tent; the Naturehike “Cloud Peak 2”. Some of my friends have this tent and I've never had the opportunity to try one until recently. I met up with my good friends, Ant, Rick and Leon (links to their channels below) and we had a pre-hike pint (or two) in the infamous Kirkstone Pass Inn.

We scrambled up to the pitch location carrying heavy packs and soon found a nice spot to pitch, affording fantastic views of Windermere and south to Morecambe Bay and the Lancashire coastline.

The weather began to turn and I was glad I had brought along my warm gear – autumn is definitely on its way. The winds picked up and the tent was buffeted by some strong gusts throughout the night and into the next morning, The Cloud Peak 2 performed admirably and I was impressed by the ‘liveable' space within the tent – I tweaked a few things including wrapping the guy lines around the poles – and the top hat elastic, and I had a drum tight pitch in no time.

A brilliant evening, with good friends, nice food and drink and more top memories made in our great outdoors.

As always, no trace was left and this should always be the case.

Thank you for watching and see you on the next adventure – Chris

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Date: September 21, 2022

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43 thoughts on “Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 vs Challenging UK Mountain Weather ! Wild Camping in the Lake District

  1. Great video Chris yet again, looks like great company and wow stunning views to boot, I've actually got the CP2 good tent for the money, planning on getting out with my son in it in the next week or so, good test to see if really does accommodate two people with kit… keep up the fantastic content

  2. The Cloud Peak 2 is my favourite one night tent and has been used in winter although not on a mountain side. Stood up to about 20mph winds and heavy rain no problem. Unfortunately the old knees are stopping me enjoying that tent nowadays. I'm currently using a HiGear Gobi Elite 4 which is about the size of a garage….but I'm not on mi knees. 🙂
    Great, informative video as per usual. Ta. 🙂

  3. Fab camp out that one…the weather is definitely closing in quicker this year!
    I think you definitely have a point wrapping the lines around the pole a couple of turns 👍.Great upload lads.

  4. Another Cracking Adventure and Collab Chris As Usual.Plus the Venue for the Pitch was Perfect.
    Tent looks a Beast and nice to see you out and about with something different to Your Awesome Hileberg.
    The Views and the Male Craic is always a pleasure to watch and
    Ive missed being able to watch MCM but Health first as they say.
    Knee Surgery Done (Bloody Sore) and A Left Hip Replacement next to go with my 2yr old Right Side replacement. (Titanium by the way Just like your Cooking Pot😂and Cemented in)
    Nice to be back at least for the time being watching the best Wild Camping Channel out there.
    Thanks as always Chris for the Time,Effort and £££ Doing these🙏👍🥾⛺️

  5. Definitely a strong 3 season tent. The design is so good for the wind just let down by the hat when the wind diverts the rain up it. For the £ it costs and the things it offers however this more than makes up for it. They just need to release a hatless t door in khaki brown and it'd be a best seller! Another great video with the chaps.

  6. Great Vid Chris. That Cloud Peak 2 is very similar to my Keb Dome 2. Really good to see you back out and posting the vid’s. Thanks. Is that the Anorak #8 making a return appearance?😀

  7. Great stuff Chris. I’m yet to go up there like. I might get stuck in the pub though 😮😮 great drone footage. I need one. Send.
    I think the tent looks good nice and roomy and light inside. Looked inviting but 50-60 mph wind capable?? 🤨 🤨 my staika caused me concern in 65 up blencathra. I think folks need to crank it down a bit 😂 it did look strong though. Nice camp with mates. That’s always a win. It looked like ingleborough the hill. Looking at outdoor active map. I cheated. 😂 😊
    Look forward to the next outdoors adventure. Atb

    Send RATS

  8. Hi, I'm looking for a winter tent at the moment, having spent the summer in the lanshan 2 Pro, I feel its now time for something a bit stronger. This looks like a really good tent for the winter months, hopi g to eventually buy either a soulo or the abisko lite 2 but just can't afford either yet so this tent looks like a good cheaper option. You or your pal said you reckon it's a good 3 season tent, what do you think let's it down from being a 4 season.
    Anyway nice relaxed video, nice to see you out again, take care and look forward to your next adventure

  9. You weren't taking any chances with the weather mind. The way you were dressed I thought you are in the Himalayas at first, until I saw Rick in a T Shirt. One of the best summit views in the Northern Lakes and a nice new tent to try out there too, which looked very nice to be fair, so much room inside. I am packing the gloves and a woolly hat in my backpack now, been lucky with the weather lately but winter is on the way and hardcore Rick indeed in that bivy. Very moody morning skies and another great camp, cheers Alan

  10. As always a brilliant look at the fantastic lake district and the benefits of the great outdoors chris, The cloud peak 2 is for the money a fantastic tent , a great video with great company cheers chris and all the best 👍 😀 🏕⛰

  11. Fabulous Chris, it was a real top camp that, great weather on the way up, stunning views all night long, great company and lots and lots of laughs. Once again buddy thank you for the tent and thank you for being a top friend

  12. Loved it Chris. Im suffering with my mental health quite bad atm and havnt been getting out, ive isolated myself from the world but love watching your adventures, you really do put a lot of effort into each one and i really enjoy watching them, hopefully i wil get out again soon. Great job.

  13. Wow what a cracking camp Chris. Stunning location and love the Cloud Peak 2. Looked a tad chilly but definitely worth it. Top video mate and Thanks for sharing your experience. Take care fella 👍

  14. Great group camp Chris. Stunning views mate and the cloud peak 2 looks a decent shelter. Enjoyed the drone footage and was the prominent hill across the bay Pendle Hill? Nice one mate 👍

  15. Champion video Chris, probably some of the best views from a single pitch you have shared with us. Rather fond of the Wainwright myself always look for it on draught when I come to Liverpool and Manchester

  16. Nice vid Chris. I sold my CP2 last year but love it that much bought it back this year🤣. I've never heard of it failing anyone yet but maybe someone has. It survived 53mph winds last year and 62mph+ this year in Glen Nevis. For size, quality and resilience I can't fault it.

  17. Brilliant Chris, some class editing and a great review of the tent. Great feel to the film. Was quality to get out with ya again. That drone footage was mint, really gives a good perspective on where we were camped 👍. Great stuff
    Cheers Chris, atb Rick n Billydog

  18. Lol blimey Chris we were only talking about that the other day weren’t we. There was a guy going up there when I was there last month, he was carrying a hod of bricks to raise money for a MH charity. He is doing all the wainwrights carrying the hod of bricks – crazy. His name is Nigel from Coventry. ATB – Chris G.

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