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Nevadans living inside vehicles, impacting residential neighborhoods


Over the past two years of dealing with the pandemic, it introduced a host of new challenges. From loss of jobs, inflation, and one not as easily seen, vehicular homelessness. That new challenge has forced many people to call their cars home. Alicia Pattillo reports.


Date: September 15, 2022

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41 thoughts on “Nevadans living inside vehicles, impacting residential neighborhoods

  1. Just build more affordable housing ffs you POS A**holes. How hard can it be? You see Boxabl rolling these things out.. barely.. I’ve yet to see. a neighborhood like that. But I see all this empty desert land and all these people forced to live in their car… if someone could fix this they’d get very wealthy and celebrated as a hero while still giving young single people a stable place to live. Make them like $500 a month they will sell like hotcakes.

  2. Every place they congregate they leave it a pig sty . They seem to have money to stick needles in their arms and they're never out of alcohol . And let's not forget the rampant crime …..Many I have talked to don't want a home . They want to be out on the street . 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. This is ya how could news critisize this??? Then get some moron with his words. Unbelievable. Illigal what is this country coming to!!!! Makes me angry hearing this kind of stuff. Instead of being for the people now the news is being against telling us we can't do this. !!! Nonsense. And that idiot they put on hes lucky…..I won't finish that cause it could be illigal to say too much.. !!!!

  4. If the shoes fit, until then you might end up being no better lol…under paid high cost of living huh…I do the same don't work better yet rob the rich for me

  5. When pay goes up so does cost of living it comes out to even paying more with your pay raise it would cost of living you still pay more nothing balance out And apartments want you to make triple the rent one for rent went up triple makes no sense

  6. whats funnier is that dude and a lot of you think those vanlifers are poor… a lot of the riggs shown are easily over $100,000 with all the stuff on/in it lol, literally theyre just stopping by to sleep for the night and leaving early.

    Those people are HOUSEless not homeless. venture into the vanlife section of youtube and youll see how beautiful and expensive those builds are.

  7. Wait til it happens to you an you may have more compassion. I’m homeless but no one really knows it. Even a homeless guy I gave $ to an food to his dog said I would had never thought you were homeless. I’m 67 an make too much an not enough if you know what I mean. So I’m i just can’t get any help. Something needs to be done for affordable housing for us people in the vicious cycle of can’t get it together. If it wasn’t for my truck I’d be screwed. I just pray 🙏 hopefully one day my prayers will be answered that me an my baby Wilbur have a home again.

  8. The problem is the people who live in homes..they trash the entire planet with their piles of home trash that is put out on the street and also by constructing houses with all those building materials.. They also do drugs and drink like a bunch of lushes inside the walls of their own homes. So, who are the real lawless illegal criminals? The people who are saving money, living out of their campers on wheels? Or, the house residents taking up land space and trashing all the land? I live clean out of my vehicle..I throw away any trash of mine each day, putting it in trash bags and in public trash receptacles. And, I obey all state laws, live peacefully, and don't do any illegal drugs, smoke or drink..So, stop complaining, arrogant house residents!..You may be out on the street too, some day soon, with the rising cost of inflation. You're no better than anyone else on this planet while hiding in your domains! Especially no better than us, who are living outside, in open territory.

  9. They are not parked on the street. They seem to be parked about 40ft from the road. If the property owner doesn't complain, what can you do? AND smelling their grills…..come on! I smell my neighbor's grills all year round. But, safety in your neighborhood is high priority. Maybe have a conversation with them? This is a tough one.

  10. Not everyone living in vehicles do so for homelessness. Some do it because it's a lifestyle choice. Some people like to travel and do alot of online work and do alot of work with nature and photography etc. And alot of these people seem quite happy and content.

  11. That "No Parking" sign is for the street. 18 feet off the side of the road it doesn't count. Unless the signs are placed at the back of the dirt area off the road facing the road. This is not a residential street. It's a highway.

  12. So resident shows his face in the media to complain about the homeless instead finding out what can be done to help them. Seems people who are up in society are hellbent on criminalizing the homeless and making things worst. And upon appearances they dont look like they are parked in front of houses in a residential zone but looks like they are across the street a divided area near a beach front. This guy snitching on the homeless I hope he dont end up in the same place it's just a matter of time.

  13. You pretentious homeowners are only a flood, tornado, earthquake, fire etc away from being homeless yourselves. NWO was gonna take away your homes, and move you to apartments around the world. The higher your pedestal the harder your fall, remember that.

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