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New Corset Try On! Overbust & Underbust + Styling Tipps


It's light blue, not white. 😜 Long time no corset video! I didn't show you these three designs yet but it's finally time. Which one is your favourite? Did you notice that one of them is featured in my profile picture for ages already? 😂

Check out all the different designs and corset shapes here:

other stuff I'm wearing:
leggings by Slinkystylez
boots by Fernando Berlin (Model 318)
crop top by New Yorker
jacket by Bershka

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Outfit from the beginning:
Maniere de Voir Racer Neck High Shine Bodysuit & High Waisted Cycling Shorts – Light Blue
probably not available anymore

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The corsets shown were sent to me by Corset Story as PR sample. Thx for that.


Date: September 17, 2022

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47 thoughts on “New Corset Try On! Overbust & Underbust + Styling Tipps

  1. They all looked great on you, but I prefered the third outfit's shoulder straps. Although I thought the yellow laces on the first outfit made for a nice color contrast, and the pattern on it was nice too.

  2. Celine, very nice outfit for the intro….love it, fits you well and goes well with your hair. Thanks for the tips and new corset. Corset Story makes nice corest and nice designs. Love the black corset you showed with the flower patterns 🙂😍🤩👍. I love the second corset without the leqther jacket. The jacket would go well ith the first corset.

  3. The second corset we thought was the best but we also like the bustier and the long shorts at the beginning of the video especially with your lovely blue hair, shame they are not made anymore🥰

  4. Die gesammte Präsentation ist wie bei all den anderen Vidoes sehr geschmackvoll.
    Der Segen der Götter haben eine Person geschaffen, die diese Mode präsentieren und das Publikum für sich gewinnen kann.

  5. What di you think of the quality compared to other corsets? I have some corsets from there and i really like them but i know other people think they are not good compared to other brands.
    I have a couple of PVC ones and mesh ones too which are so awesome!
    The sleeves on the 2nd are fishnet material 😀

  6. For me the order is third then first then second. Yes, I kind of thought that last one was in your profile pic, but was not completely certain that it was the same. Love the boots and the second one definitely looks better with the jacket versus the collar. Completely gorgeous.

  7. I think you look fantastic without color (white) something different. I really like the gold and black corset nice touch of color. But as always you look so marvelous in all the outfits.

  8. think this white outfit go's well with your hair .. 1] black and gold, very chic' . its go's well with the shinny leggings N Boots . without the shoulder/collar and with your beautiful pale skin , this is fabulous 2] this corset, has a good gothic vibe , sort of grey/silver colour with black .. and your top is super .. yep jacket looks better, the shrug had a bit to much pattern for the over all look 3] just me, but this one would look better with out the straps [just me ].. but if you match this one with a skirt , then maybe a different out look .. all 3 are still gorgeous on you .. they make your hair colour pop out ..

  9. Hello Celene Nox you is fabulous i Love you is beautyful beautyful beautyful beautyful beautyful Kiss princess you is spectaculus, Kiss Baby you this magnific Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss princess Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss.

  10. Oh crap. I'm not sure why YouTube keeps putting you on my front page feed. I usually come here for news feeds. That being said. Ouch, where were you in my life 20 years ago?? You are so hot.. Now going back to some CNN feeds

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