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New Yorkers react to migrant buses arriving from Texas | Americans Weigh In


New Yorkers share their thoughts on migrant buses arriving from Texas. #FoxNews

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Date: September 17, 2022

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50 thoughts on “New Yorkers react to migrant buses arriving from Texas | Americans Weigh In

  1. I sympathize with the people of Texas. But anyone who wishes to immigrate to America should do it legally. This invasion of those coming into this country illegally is devastating Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. Most of these immigrants are well clothed, most of them carry smart phones, and they're being provided with smart phones at the border. PLUS they're being fed, housed, given free medical care and free education. You have to understand that more than two million people have illegally entered this country this fiscal year, and those are just the ones who are processed by Border Patrol. We have no idea how many others have come here illegally (the "Got-A-Ways").. I am a 77 year old widow, and I have worked all my life until severe spinal issues forced me to retire. I don't have the resources to provide illegal immigrants with food, housing, medical, dental, and vision services — I can barely afford my own expenses. I know that the human trafficking cartels are being paid hansomely to get them into this country. I don't, and I know of anyone who does know how many of these children are being sexually assaulted on that treacherous journey from their home countries. The American taxpayers cannot afford th provide everything these people need now or hereafter to stay afloat. Far too many of these immigrants are dying on their way here. Far too many are being abandoned by the trafficking cartels and that kind of abuse is intolerable. I hear so many of the folks from NYC, DC and Chicago complaining because people are being bused from Texas and Arizona to these cities. What you folks fail to realize is that Texas and Arizona have been dealing with this influx of illegal immigrants for almost two years. The folks being sent to NYC, DC and Chicago are going there freely and voluntarily. Texas and Arizona have been footing the bill for these illegal immigrants for a long time. Responsibility for maintaining border security falls exclusively on the federal government, by law, and the federal government is doing nothing to stop this invasion, nor is the federal government funding the housing, food, etc. these people need. I hardly think it's fair to expect the citizens of Texas and Arizona to support these folks. These so called "border towns" are small towns, some of them consisting of very few citizens, for instance, Eagle Pass, Texas had a population of, I think, about 18,000 people before the floodgates were opened by the invitation of this administration. Many of these small towns are having to rent refrigerated trucks to handle bodies of illegal immigrants who have lost their lives trying to cross the Rio Grande River. Think about that, please.

  2. They do not care about the migrants coming to America. If they did they would have stated something like. We need to change the law for the migrants by change the number from over a 1,000,000 to over 10,000,000 a year or is that still not as many as they would like to come in to their country. I think they do not understand illegal vs legal.

  3. The girl that said F Governor Greg Abbott that is the worst thing you could say about anybody. You have no idea what it’s like in Texas living in New York you’re just word vomiting what you think should be said because you’re living in New York right now. You have no idea what’s going on in the real world

  4. These people are too idealistic. Many of the immigrants are great people, however by opening our borders we also have to pay for housing, Healthcare, etc… many of us have a hard enough time affording doctor visits. If we secured the borders those dollars could be helping solve our ongoing domestic issues.

  5. Sweet lets send them all there. I bet after a year of doing that all of them would be singing a different tune. That way they can see the harm thats been happening in Texas for decades. All good until it comes to your back yard.

  6. If yall are from New York, yall are only getting less than 5% of what we get coming in each week.
    Since biden took office, well over 2 to 3 million people have illegally entered the country. These numbers are unsustainable for the state yet the federal government refuses to even acknowledge there's a crisis.

  7. Texas, on average, receives in less than one day (about 2,700 per day) what has been sent to NYC so far. And Mayor Adams is claiming an unfair burden and is asking for federal assistance.

  8. Oh brother! So Mr. white beard at the 2:00 minute mark thinks Texas "ships" them someplace else because they just don't wanna 'take care of' or "welcome the migrants"? 🤮🤮 They're so pompous! Look at me I'm a "caring" New Yorker… yes, we will "accept the burden" of all 4,000 migrants, since taxes is so mean and cruel and can't find it in their hearts to build Apartments or entire cities to house over 2 million people, and feed them, and pay their rent, and give them free medical care and put their kids in the schools. I heard some of the schools in Texas are so full, they can have 50 kids in one class. They are OVERWHELMED! The schools can't take one more child and there's literally no empty housing left.
    Tell NY Santa to go to Texas and then tell me about "taking care" of over 2 million people who've crossed the border in 20 months!
    I'm pretty sure I read Tucson Arizona has over 150,000! 😬😬😬😬😬 I don't think the population of Tucson was very high to begin with!
    Just how many people does New York believe all the towns and cities of a couple of states can accommodate? 😡🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  9. 😂😂😂 as long as they're good people with good intentions, huh? Good luck with that! Pretty sure they have no clue whatsoever about their intentions, especially the 90%+ of migrants who are all male adults who came alone and not part of the family group. That's one of the biggest falsities of the "refugee" narrative. It's the same in the EU in which approximately 95% or lone males between the ages of 18 to 34. When people are fleeing war or starvation the whole family goes together. Not just young, working age men. It's caused big problems in distorting the ratio of male to female in the younger age groups in many EU countries. It's usually about equal but in the 20 to 28 age group there are many more men than women in countries like Sweden, and within the larger cities of bigger countries.
    If 2 million migrants came and 90% of were men (excluding men who came with families) that's 1.8 million males! That's like three cities of just men. When they send 1000s of migrants to smaller cities, which seems to be what they do in most cases, those towns of 20,000 to 35,000 are going to get almost exclusively men, most are younger and that's always a problem!
    They don't speak the language, they don't have jobs, they have no GF or wife (or Mama to keep them in line) so they get into trouble. Also, they have no idea who most of the people are. They claim they do background checks but the majority of criminals don't get arrested! I wonder how many are already members of a cartel, a gang or are drug traffickers. Just sayin'.

  10. Some uninformed new Yorkers they should live in some of the border towns for a few months and deal with what these towns are going through then have an opinion besides what Biden and his ilk are telling you instead of getting all indignant and playing it's inhuman and racist

  11. BS. What about our Americans on Kensington Ave in Phily. They may be druggies but they did pay taxes once in their lives. Why aren’t they being helped. What about our homeless vets? The only smart person on this interview was the older black gentleman.

  12. I think a bus load out to be taken right in front of Nancy pelosi's house and dropped off and told him that she's welcoming them with open arms the same with biden's house Obama's house and a bus load needs to go to the Hamptons.

  13. Why aren't they being sent back to where they came from instead of sent to other states? This is ridiculous. Close the border and make people come the right way. What's the point of having laws and borders if they're not respected and treated as a mere suggestion?!

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