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NYC mayor sends delegation to Texas border


The ‘Fox & Friends' co-hosts discussed how Mayor Eric Adams is sending a delegation to the border amid his ongoing feud with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. #FoxNews

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Date: September 17, 2022

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42 thoughts on “NYC mayor sends delegation to Texas border

  1. Why Biden and his admin do not go to the border to see for themself. Why just seat there at the white house and lie to American. Are they represent American or they are represent for our enemy

  2. This is something they ran there Campaign on and now that it’s out of control they are ignoring the problem! These people are incapable of running there own households let alone the America.

  3. I wonder how she’d react if she had about 30 of them run out in front of her car on I-8 late at night like I once happened to me! I had to throw my car into a hard swerve at 70 mph to keep from driving right through a crowd of people and killing many. It was nothing short of a miracle that I didn’t hit anyone as I missed them by inches on each side of my car. And no I did not have time to stop, if I had hit my brakes then people would have died!

  4. Keep busing this illegal transaction to the Sanctuary cities … I mean at this point it’s ALL a BIG SCAM & you need to send the SCAM Tactics to the Crooks who created it to handle ! Lol 😂

  5. The responsibility of the border problem is border states. Other states don't see the problem. Now they are crying as if the border states should shoulder the problem. But they manage to twist things around that the border states are being inhuman and migrant should be able to go where they want. Where are all the Asylum folks to help the migrants settle in states evenly and where is the Federal funds to feed and house them.

  6. History repeats itself, Galileo in it's time insisted earth is round, political and religious authorities back then we're so lazy and ignorant to explore what Galileo did, so Galileo Republicans and clever citizens are talking reality, Democrats are finding to hard to walk and travel to see reality, all they can see is the flat road outside their place, no more.

  7. What yall are missing is that congressional seats (electoral votes) are dictated by total population not citizen population. So long term, we are giving more federal power and say to blue states.

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