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Outdoor Clothing Brand Tier List – The Best And Worst For Reselling


The Menswear Manifesto 3:
– 330 men's clothing brands
– Each brand analyzed by sellthrough rate, price and category ranking
– Use on your phone or desktop
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Date: September 17, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Outdoor Clothing Brand Tier List – The Best And Worst For Reselling

  1. Hey Matt thanks for putting out such informative content. As a beginner on Poshmark you have started me off on the right foot. Cleaned out a night club a few months ago and the owner said I could take what I wanted so got over 100 coats and outerwear pieces and at least 50% of them are higher end brands. I live at the foot of the Rockies here in Calgary Alberta so when thrifting you can find allot of great outdoor gear. I’m gonna hit up the manifesto to price and get my collection sorted and will hit you back when I start making sales ! Cheers man thanks again

  2. Awesome vid really helpful advice much appreciated.. I like how in depth you talk about each peticular brand and its pieces that does well or don't so much . Because its quite easy to assume something because of the name is going to flip quick. I actually have a Columbia Titanium jacket that's been hanging around for over a month .. Spot on there dude

  3. How about. MEC Mountain Equipment Coop I come across sometimes. Here in Canada we have SunIce a clothing supplier for several Olympics. Well made stuff. Anything Goose Down I pick up. Snowshoes sell well. Funnily enough long underwear Walmart clears out now for $1 regularly priced $20. I load up on kids Thermal underwear. Thanks for your channel. I always picture you being a rafting guide and now guiding us through white waters thrifting jungles. You inspire us and make us laugh.

  4. Most of these brands can't even be found in the South East. The only brands on this list you will see is Cabela's/ Bass Pro, and Columbia. Occasionally, you will come across some North Face, because back in 2010 that brand was trending with the rich kids. Patagonia has recently been trending, but only in the richie rich areas.

  5. Avalanche had me fooled… just going by logo alone, it looks like it should be higher tier. Gerry looks like – by logo alone – a Costco exclusive brand. I personally would bump Woolrich up a tier and Columbia down one. I think outdoor brands might be my favs to sell. I LOVE a good vintage LL Bean piece! #gorpcore 😂

  6. Great list. I would definitely add Filson and Pendleton (especially vintage) to the S tier column. Have found both brands in North Louisiana thrift stores and both were fast 25X sellers. The 1930's Pendleton Wool Dress Coat went to a movie set as well which was cool.

  7. I sell womens clothing but I need to learn mens brands because my average sell price is $26 for women and $85 for men which is insane!! Bought your manifesto and love it!

  8. If not mentioned by anyone else, I'd throw Cotopaxi into the mix as well. While I haven't found it yet, we own several pieces and it's a great product. The STR for both men's and women's is pretty strong. Men's especially. I wish I could get my casual TNF button ups to move. Hopefully this spring.

  9. It's funny, I watched this video yesterday and I'd never heard of Icebreaker before. I figured, well, now I know to keep an eye out for it, but I've never seen it and probably won't. Well, last night I was at Goodwill and whaddya know? I found an Icebreaker merino wool button up shirt. It's a size small, which isn't ideal, but comps are still in the $30-50 range, like you said, so thanks!

  10. I was so excited that I just found my first The North Face piece in the wild. It was a button up shirt and I didn't look it up when I found it. You are right about the number of them that are listed on eBay!! Good thing my husband liked it and wants to keep it so I don't have to try to sell it.

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