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Over 60 and living in my car in the UK. What a month!! Huge depressive moment. Will I get sacked?


Follow a 63 year old nomad who has walked out on society. As my mental health takes a dip, I become houseless and start to live in my car. Watch me as I learn, make mistakes, and much more as I travel round the UK in my car meeting and talking to people and finding services to help me with my day to day living. Follow me as I visit beautiful spots in the UK, set up a tent or stay at a hostel or in my car. How I spend my money, tricks I use to save money. Follow the Nomad life and see if you want to become one too. See if I can change my life before I get too old. Can you live lite and travel lite but see your world through fresh eyes.
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Date: September 16, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Over 60 and living in my car in the UK. What a month!! Huge depressive moment. Will I get sacked?

  1. I'm living in my car as well, so this video is inspiring. I had been looking at buying a property near to my work pre-covid, but my partner and I didn't find one that we both liked. Now, we've split up and over the last two years I've been priced out of the market, so I had to decide whether to give up my NHS job and move somewhere cheaper, or stay where I am and live in the car. I'm in my 50s and resent having to pay £800+ per month to rent somewhere tiny that I won't spend much time in. I shower at the hospital where I work and buy cheap tops and underwear, so if I can't wash and iron them then I buy more. I can use the cooking facilities at work so I'm trying to make the most of the bad hand that I've been dealt.

  2. The sunroof will have a rubber drain pipe that runs down the A pillar will be blocked.
    You need a metal wire to push down the tube
    They'll definitely be some type of drain in the sunroof…..clean the rubber sunroof seal

  3. Don’t feel bad. There are thousands living in their vehicles in the United States as am I. Housing is outrageous here in the states. You’ll save a ton of money to buy a property and build a tiny home.

  4. Go to any park in the Midlands and they will feed you for free. Cloth you. And help house you. Dont sit there crying. Pathetic. Grow up. Your generation created this. Blame yourself for any difficulties.

  5. They're trying to control you.. they know you're desperate and want to use that to turn you against your very own integrity.

    Research narcissistic abuse, cos it sounds like you're living through it! They clearly want you in though, from their flippant behaviour.. start understanding that as power.. I just mean, fight the fight, not be one of them!

    Good luck xx

  6. Go to France get a dinghy bin your documents and come back to the UK you'll get money, room to live in, 3 meals a day, mobile phone and on the housing list. Just remember no speak a de English. This is a travesty, i despair of this country kissing brown arses and ignoring our own people😡

  7. I was homeless at 14 not anymore the best thing about being a rock bottom is the only way is up iv got a wife 3 kids 3 grandkids a home a full time job and the only person to thank is me and i came from shetland to glasgow when i was 15 by hiding on the boat by saying i was an apprentice lol

  8. I really hate people with weak characters that clog behind an arsehole usually a narcissist. I'm so glad you're freelance. I hated working with people for this reason. Most have not the courage or good character you've had to be honestly dealing and speak up. Good, those Romanians your talking about ,ignore as inconsequential. You've got yourself to worry about and they don't know you obviously. Hope things are better. Wonder what Elon musk ever does with his free time or other people of privilege, don't they have the feeling to give and make someone's day a surprise.
    Take care. I feel for you it makes me angry.

  9. I hope you can monetise off these videos you are making so you can hopefully afford to find somewhere to live. I can give you some help in terms of accommodation for homeless people in London if you are interested ❤️

  10. Also from the uk and I too am in the same position mental health went bad went into hospital lost my job my house I’m not living in a hostel doing a takeaway delivery cash in hand job tryna get on my feet huge and kisses to you

  11. My mum is sofa surfing, shes 74.. and spends alot of time in her car. – it lets in rain alot and she has MUSHROOMS growing in the foot well of the car.. this lady reminds me of her alot. – shes always done everything for everyone else… its heart breaking.

  12. Be careful driving whilst talking and recording on the phone, it's not really worth the risk as you can be distracted. Also I wouldnt recommend driving whilst your rear view window is obstructed, not sure what you had pinned up but as you are living in your car you definitely don't want to have an accident. I've also lived with my partner for over a month in a Renault clio whilst holding down a job, taking baths in the ocean and warming up water bottles on the inside heater on the front windscreen, piercing a little hole, I'll leave the rest to your imagination. I've also slept on the beach, not a great experience, and also in a train station on a bench. Nothing lasts forever, as long as you stay focused on working hard and staying emotionally strong, the storm will pass and you will see the sunshine again. People see these situations as negative, yes it is hard but they will make a warrior out of you and after you will be prepared for what most people couldn't comprehend. Stay strong and my prayers are with you. Your a fighter. Love and blessings, Michael Beckford

  13. I really like your shorter haircut. It's very becoming on you, and I think you look younger. It's really difficult to be an older person in the workforce these days. The younger ones don't have the same work ethic as the older ones, and it's almost impossible to bite your tongue and just watch them doing nothing.

  14. When life gives us lemons we have to look at what we do have and be grateful for what we have. It is too limiting to look at what is going wrong or what is wrong I had a friend that used to tell me at the end of the day count at least 10 things that did go right if you can't find 10 just count what you can and get as close to 10 as possible. Someone else used to tell me try to find the beauty in the things around you start looking at the beautiful things. I know this sounds like positive thinking psychobabble but really when things are down you can't focus on the things that are going to bring you more down because it is hard to get back up especially for some people that once they cross that line can't get back up mentally and emotionally. We have to be grateful that we do have a mind that it is functioning good, correctly and is sane and that we have legs that we can walk with and hands that we can do things with we can feed ourselves and also I had to rely a lot on my faith because at times that's all I had. And it was a strength that carried me through when I could not carry myself through alone. One thing I could always be grateful for was that I did not have an addiction to drugs or alcohol but it was the family members around me that caused so much pressure on me mentally physically and emotionally where I wanted to take my life. And another thing when there is a problem I asked myself how can this problem be resolved for example if it is raining and I'm outside and my car is leaking I'm going to think okay where can I go to put my car out of the rain can I go to a parking garage can I go to a car wash and sit in one of the bays can where is it can I go to a bank teller and just sit under one of those covers you got to ask yourself how can I resolve these problems because just sitting there and complaining it it just does not solve anything I have found more than once that usually I can come up with a solution but I just give it some time right down the solutions on a piece of paper and see which one works the best it's not going to work for everything not everything but like Roosevelt said do what you can with what you have for you to it's it's difficult it is tough being alone by yourself now here in the US we have senior centers that people can go to during the day they close in the afternoon they open up early in the morning.

  15. Very sorry to hear your situation. Have you considered swapping your car for a medium size van? I don't know what the value of your car is but a van would give you much more living space and if you have no kids it would open up 300 to 600 pound a week working opportunities. You can insulate your car/van effectively by going in skips for insulation.rock wool in door/boot seams will stop draft. Make sure there is 3 inches between you and metal work of the vehicle minimum and when you run your heaters at night put reflective v foil on the window to keep heat in.good luck

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