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Overnight RV Camping at a WALMART Parking Lot! – Super Sketchy 👀


Our first time RV camping in a parking may not have gone so well, but we're determined to make it work! After all, you can't beat a free night's stay. But can we handle the sketchiness of Walmart after dark?? Get your own Anker Power Station!

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Date: September 21, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Overnight RV Camping at a WALMART Parking Lot! – Super Sketchy 👀

  1. When I watched this video, I thought about when I'm in a public bathroom and there are 10 empty stalls and I pick one. And then, sure enough, the next person who comes in chooses the stall right next to mine 😠instead of one a couple stalls away. Seriously? What da fa? 💥👀💥

  2. I think the reason walmarts are stopping the overnight free parking for RV's could be because like our walmart here in Eau Claire WI. alot of the homeless people are staying there night after night for months and the during the day stand on the corner asking for money and leave garbage and whatever else behind. I feel like this kinda stuff wrecks it for the RVers that need to stay for a night or 2.

  3. I saw a u tube why some Walmarts are. It allowing over night parking.
    1. Sone guy rv parked and grilled and etc and put up his hot grilled. Drove close to a car and parked and his grill ignited and the car had a sleeping child in it and caught fire and the Child died. This mom sued Walmart. And some over pier ogjters unload and set up as if a camper site. So boo on sloppy rv’ers.

  4. I used to know someone that lived near Hancock, MI, probably not too far from the Sunset Bay area. He still lives there but talked about moving away from the U.P. before.

  5. Uh, I like you guys but your privilege is showing. There are many people who have to live in their cars and feel safer around others in a well lighted area. I was one of them.

  6. It happened few times with us too s0me times they are also staying overnight and they feel safe with other over night camper.
    Just got to be vigil.
    Great video thanks for sharing

  7. That’s pretty normal for a WalMart. You get used to it. I gave up trying to figure out why people show up hang for an hour then leave. Some tips. Avoid speakers as some lots crank the music when the store closes. It takes about an hour for the lot to settle after closing. A lot of the people hanging out on the perimeter are often waiting for friends or family to come off shift after store closes and closing shifts end. Avoid parking near traffic patterns, lots of locals use parking lot as short cuts and drive through fairly fast. Avoid parking near semi truck area, they like to idle engines and are coming and leaving at all hours. People like parking in clusters, so look for spots where that is impossible. You’re also better off parking closer but not next to other campers. Sketchy cars tend to not come as close. Newbies to being homeless will circle for a long time looking for the perfect spot because they are nervous and don’t feel safe.

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