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Panicked Fox News Hosts Think Polls Are Being Used To Suppress Republican Votes


During The Five on Monday, a frantic panel of conservative hosts tried to convince their audience that the HORRIBLE poll numbers for Republicans this year could actually be a “mirage,” and went even further claiming that it could be a way to suppress Republican votes. In order for that to happen, all of the competing polling agencies – including nonpolitical college polling – would have to collude together to get the same results. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains why these Fox hosts are freaking out.

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Fox news is trying to do a little bit of damage control for the Republican party. As every poll that comes out shows worse and worse news for Republicans as we head into the midterms, right? Democrats probably not only gonna retain the Senate, but they're gonna pick up at least three seats. According to projections. If Republicans take back the house, they're looking at only a six seat majority, which is pretty much what the Democrats have right now. So it's not gonna be a super majority. That's going to allow them to really be successful with anything. And as we get closer and closer to the midterms, those polls continue to just get worse for Republicans, but fear not because Fox news, anchor Todd PIRO has a little bit of a theory as to why all these polls are going south. So take a look. This is the five yesterday. Todd PIRO explaining why these polls, aren't what they seem

Vena. You just need to win two. And by Nate Cohen's analysis within a one point margin is the state of Georgia and the state of Nevada. In other words, the Senate not so unattainable. If the polling is not there.

Well, I've heard a number of Republican strategists come out over the course of the last two months. When the polling has swung in the Democrat's favor and said, should we really be trusting? The polls has recent history, told us anything. Polls are often used by the mainstream media and the left I E one. And the same to suppress, right? Turnout. Could that be happening here? You've heard a number of these prognosticators on the right side, say, Hey, that could be happening again because it is a midterm. It's not a presidential election. Donald Trump is not on the ballot this year, literally on the ballot. Somebody say he's on there, you know, in, in, in spirit. Well, both

Presidents really are right,

But you have to keep in mind, could this be suppressing the vote? That's the concern. If you're on the right. And that's why this very fascinating that this is in the New York times, it's not a, you know, a conservative bastion of publication. Correct. But you know, it's interesting, nonetheless,

It is. And Lily, another interesting point Axios today points out that a New Hampshire Democrats are running away from Joe Biden. They have their

Prime that's right. Ladies and gentlemen, all of the polling companies here in the United States, all of the colleges, the nonpartisan non-political colleges that do polling, they all, at some point, we don't know when. Right. Don't get bogged down in the details. But at some point, I guess in the last year, maybe in the last couple months, we don't know that either we'll figure it out. They all got together and they said, listen up polling brothers and sisters, we are gonna make it seem like the Democrats are winning so that we can re uh, suppress the Republican vote. That's what we, the polling companies in our evil layer, our plotting that's, that's what Todd PIRO basically just told us that that's the conspiracy theory that he's pushing. Like, could it be a conspiracy? Could it be that they have all colluded together to suppress the Republican vote?

Um, you're an idiot. I, I, I think that's probably the most succinct thing that I could say right now. Todd, you're a moron. And how you ended up with any kind of contract to ever be on cable news. Just absolutely blows my mind.


Date: September 18, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Panicked Fox News Hosts Think Polls Are Being Used To Suppress Republican Votes

  1. Hey. FAUX… do your own polls then.
    Every single day I am reminded how stupid conservatives are…

    A 90s Princeton Study showed Conservatives (on average)

    Have IQs 10 points lower than Libs

    Most conservatives are Dunning-Krugers and therefore

    They're convinced they're smarter than anyone.

    But, they have no idea how stupid they are.

    Cos… … they’re too fukking stupid.

    The 19thC English parliamentarian, JS Mill, nailed it with…

    Although it may not be true that all conservatives are stupid

    It is true that most stupid people are conservatives 😎

  2. It's a good thing we are in the digital age. if this one talking point was on a magnetic tape loop, the tape would be so spliced due to breakage that aliens would have to be called to interpret the message!

  3. It's the Republican party that are hurting themselves. With all these prolife senator's. No one wants anymore senator's that are prolife. They want senator's from both parties to work together.

  4. other than the fact that it happens…
    why else do u think they always tell democrats they are ahead in the polls until the month before an election?
    they make democrat voters think they are winning then do a rug pull
    happens every election and neither side seems to notice xD

  5. When one party constantly claims elections are a fraud. Election machines are stealing votes for the dems. The republicans are repressing their own voters, with crazy nonsense.

  6. Oh, give me a goddamn break !!
    Sooo, if the Polls suggest the Republicans are favored, it’s all good !! But, if the Democrats are favoring in the Polls, than there’s some sort of an EXCUSE !!
    Come on man, seriously !!
    Poor widdle Wheepublicans..

  7. When they can’t win they change the rules or cheat. Women register to vote in record numbers, some of the fools are talking about Womens right to vote being repealed. The GOP makes me Sick! F’ck them!

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