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Persona 5 Royal Confidant Tier List


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32 thoughts on “Persona 5 Royal Confidant Tier List

  1. It's funny how they made Ohya's already useless ability even more useless in Royal lol. At least in vanilla you get kicked out of a Palace if the security reaches 100%. But now it's fine if you reach 100 so Ohya found a way to be even more useless 🤣

  2. Vanilla Oda is way higher. Two downshots per infiltration on rank 1, four on rank 5 and five on rank 6. If you use your gun only for downshots, of course. Also, you forgot about warning shot, which often skip all negotiation dialog to get more persona, which is better than any renegotiaton skills of your teammates. Also, vanilla get you Ammo poach, to double ammunition for all teammates, which is kinda good.
    Also, Youshida just give you all the Palace Personas(sometimes for free) and sweet, sweet money – ask for money once(when no red text one money and items), then All-out-attack under hifume and fortune-money buff = all the money. Or red text money high level shadow while having same persona – up to 20000 yen by try in midgame.

  3. Not sure why Kasumi and Yusuke we're so high up. Kasumi's abilities sound good, but let's be real. How often are you actually getting ambushed in palaces, and why would you need Yusuke to copy a skill card when you can just buy a persona and itemize it?? Pretty much all the max level skills you can get easily through fusion or itemize, so you don't need it. Yoshida I think being placed low was really poor because of just how much money this can get you. Once you have Yoshida maxed out, you should never have a problem with money which translates into getting stronger personas faster. Paired with the Strength Confidant, Yoshida becomes one of the most busted in the mid and early game I would say as the amount of money let's you fuse level 90+ personas really early with virtually no repercussions since you're rich asf.

  4. I found Akechi's abilities pretty useful in gameplay, at least without looking up affinities. Being able to spot affinities and resistances comes in handy when dealing with party composition, particularly in combination with Hifumi's confidant ranks

  5. Hifumi is by far the best confidant in the game all her skills are ridiculously usefull, find it funny that her least usefull skill was the one you pointed out as being good. Money is so easy to get.

  6. idk why people say hifumi's usefull. In my first playthrough i used her switch ability, like, twice. Money was a problem for me most of the game so my off-party characters weren't equipped good.

  7. Of course most of the S teir quality characters I have purposely neglected throughout most my first playthrough cuz I don’t like them as characters. Ryuji I maxed and Futaba I’m ranking up, but the rest paid no mind to.

    Eh least with this knowledge I’ll try to get a few ranks with them. I’m in October now so chances I get their recommended ranks are possible.

    And New game+ I’ll be sure to snag more opportunities with them next time.

  8. Agreed with most, but how are you gonna put Akechi in C for giving info that's available elsewhere, but Makoto in B for reminding you of that same info once obtained??

  9. After watching this video I cannot believe how badly I have neglected leveling i up Justine and Caroline, certainly won't make that mistake on playthrough 2

  10. I feel the trade-off in P5 is better character vs useful perks. Ohya is one of the better written characters in P5, but her perks are USELESS to anyone who's even remotely good at this game. Hifumi is kinda boring (how much of that is bad writing or stuff shifted to Makoto will remain a mystery), but her perks are some of the best in the game, especially on a first playthrough or higher difficulty. The only one who bucks the trend is Shinya. Guns aren't that useful, and his whole link is all but a copypasta of Hifumi's.

  11. For me I could rank up Kawakami up to rank 7 or 8 but then it locks due to summer vacation.

    Still gonna romance her though, but I’m gonna have to wait after the school trip.

  12. Yoshida really got the short stick imo on this list. Maxing out The Sun arcana allows you to recruit persona higher level than you. If you aren’t into grinding and taking a lot of time this in itself makes maxing the sun arcana worth it. Asking for money off panicked persona can allow you to consistently get 20-40k from a single encounter with a 4x streak… even in early palaces. His abilities are really strong and he increases your charm. Not to mention he is available after the first palace so you get access to him early. You don’t even need to have a Sun persona to max him. Just select the right answers (pretty easy, or look at a guide) and he’ll be ready to rank the next time. He and Mishima (Moon) are the only two you don’t need a persona to max their confidant aside from the automatic ones.

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