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Piers Morgan says Harry and Meghan should be stripped of their titles


Fox Nation host Piers Morgan explained why he thinks King Charles III should strip Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle of their royal titles on ‘The Five.' #foxnews #thefive

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Date: September 17, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Piers Morgan says Harry and Meghan should be stripped of their titles

  1. I have a feeling that after the mourning period is over, they may be. After all, they spread lies about the family for money and Harry has another big book deal yet again for money.

    The RF should cut them loose entirely.

  2. I agree they should be stripped of their titles..I would put a gag order on them.. Meghan has never been a good influence on Harry..hers reminds me of an addiction King Charles III William and Kate have to not only keep Great Britain going but have to take up the slack attending events as well

  3. Does this guy think Americans really understand or care about royal titles being stripped? Return to your hateful british tv to continue railing on Megan.
    Only the people who have no understanding of the history of the British crown from 1066, through empire, slavery, genocide, starvation of populace revere these people.

  4. I’m gonna say this with some composure. I have time and patience for Mr Morgan. So let me start by saying this.Prince Harry served our Crown as a soldier. I know this because I have friends who went through training with him. He completed his training with honour. He deployed with his troops and if it wasn’t for the scumbag British press he would’ve done a full 6 month tour like his brothers n sisters. It literally broke Harry being taken from his troops half way through a tour. Bearing in mind at the time Britannia was at war. With our US allies Harry fulfilled his role right up until the spooks pulled him out because the Scumbag British press “Grassed him in our gutter press. Every British Soldier know, respects and remembers Harry’s service. We value it, we remember it and we will never forget it. I’m absolutely pig sick of people bad mouthing Harry.I can tell you that there is no bigger motivation for a Soldier than to be fighting alongside an Officer with Royal Blood. You Lot can spend a hundred years gossiping about Harry. We will spend a Thousand years remembering his service. I despair about our Great Islands. A Soldier and a man who served is openly mocked. I despair.

  5. Its all about money, Meghan doesnt have the connection and she will rule Harry to do what she wants to succeed and be the queen here in the U.S.A. lol She will never be the queen princes or any royalty and quite frankly I dont give a d..m..

  6. Who cares what you think. You people have a way to twist stories and most the stuff that comes out your mouth is BS. Obviously if they stepped out of their titles I think they had a idea what will happen.

  7. What were the sins of the British Empire? Stopping widow-burning in India? Outlawing slavery and stopping the transatlantic slave trade? Introducing railroads, schools and clean water wherever they went? Leaving stable, working democracies behind with mail systems, telecommunications? Then leaving without a shot fired and handing over everything, and then all those countries voluntarily joining in the Commonwealth of Nations and having athletics competitions and alliances and stuff? Yeah, they were monsters haha.
    (See Monty Python film The Life of Brian for the "What have the Romans ever done for us" scene).
    I saw one idiot blaming her (Queen) for both "colonizing India, and the violence that came with de-colonization" Never mind that India wouldn't even exist as a country if the British hadn't made it one. Before they came it was a hundred warring petty kingdoms – something like Africa in fact – and would still be that today, complete with wars and genocides, poverty and famine.

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