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Pizza Hut MUKBANG (Eating Show) | WATCH ME EAT



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Date: September 17, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Pizza Hut MUKBANG (Eating Show) | WATCH ME EAT

  1. Wow Trisha This is Allot of Food!! Do you Ever Think about Homeless People or others that Go Hungry? You always say you On a Diet and Want to lose weight But You Eat Pizzas and Drink Soda! You Need Good Friends that Would Help you To Think over your Choices on Food.

  2. Watching her eat most of that all in one sitting made my stomach feel unsettled it’s just not normal for her to be eating that much I’m very very shocked that she didn’t get a heart attack because if a normal human being ate that much they would ether puke or get sick but if there body didn’t diejest it quick enough and they kept eating even tho their full that person can possibly get a heart attack I actually watched this person on the news who ate big meals in one sitting like her and she died from a stroke if anyone eats like that be careful yall this is serious and it’s definitely not normal .. now that’s torture on the poor body man

  3. Pov here bcs I'm a unstable anorexic teen that has trouble eating and loves watching others do so bcs that means they eat and i don't 🧍🏻‍♀️

  4. I have no idea why anyone would ever watch things like this lmao the sounds she makes are obnoxious. And she doesn't know what a wet wipe is. And yeah I came here to leave this comment what about it

  5. Next thing you know you'll be watching a woman sit on the toilet discussing the merits of Charmin vs. Angel Soft and which direction to wipe. When she's laying on a hospital bed after her first massive heart attach she'll wish she'd have made fitness videos instead of stuffing her face and licking grease her fat fingers. To the woman herself: ma'am, your family loves you. Your friends love you. You're obviously smart and have the ability to communicate. I hope you are taking care of yourself because that doesn't look too healthy!

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