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Poundland Try On Haul Halloween Groceries and Charity Shop Thrift Goodies


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Date: September 16, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Poundland Try On Haul Halloween Groceries and Charity Shop Thrift Goodies

  1. Love the black top I was adios to summer dress get something next year and the denim dress not mutton but just does not do anything for you and jumper was like a sack maybe try gey smaller size oh you cracked up Kim thanks for haul x

  2. I love the lose dresses but I'd wear wool tights & a long length fine cardi & combat style boots, age doesn't matter if you like something then wear it, im 55 & wear wotever I like, love pond shop clothes

  3. First off – thank you for brightening my day! I've watched quite a few of your videos today as I needed cheering up! You always make me laugh!
    Black top was ok but no to the rest.. as cheap as they are I don't think it's worth keeping unless you love them, I don't think they flattered your shape either.
    Really enjoy your try-ons, even if you took it all back I selfishly like to watch and shop through you lol ❤️

  4. Just found you and I felt at home …….mutton dressed as lamb, bobs your uncle ……….😁
    I think the brown jumper needed to be longer, the current length with being over sized looked like you had accidentally washed it wrong and it had stretched sideways. Agree on the denim 100%

  5. Hi Kim
    You had some great books for the nursery and Halloween things were fun.
    Yes I definitely think you should say “Adios” to the green dress.It was ok but there will be other dresses next Summer. Wasn’t keen on any of the other things either. You have such a slim figure the layered dresses make you look too wide!
    I think you look good in items with a V or scoop neck.

  6. I havent bought anything from Pep & co for a couple of years.Too expensive and quite cheaply made with poor fabric.I bought 2 bras , same size, same style but different colours…one was great and the other didnt!!

  7. the green dress would be lovely with a cropped denim jacket. the brown jumper is what i would call a "comfort" jumper for snuggling up in on a cold day or if you're not feeling well

  8. Hi Kim have you ever tried Matalan for clothing I find it very good. I just bought a couple of really nice dresses a knee length one for £11 and midi for £13. They are both great. I have found nothing in Poundland worth buying for ages now. They seem to blow hot and cold xx

  9. Hi Kim I think the cosy jumper will be perfect when we get the first cool autumn days but the green top and denim dress will be sitting in your wardrobe for the next six months( if you keep them).

  10. Hi Kim,loved all the hallowe’en stuff you brought,like the light up skulls.The children at your nursery will love the books and puzzles,you are so good to them.The first black top looked nice,but no to the rest of them sorry.Kim I really enjoyed your video,I always do as you make me smile.❤️❤️❤️

  11. Hi Kim I think the khaki dress will look great with black polo neck black tights a pair of doc martins and a leather jacket you looked fab in it I’d also wear the exact same with the denim dress 🥰

  12. Kim i have a dress and jacket very similar to that dress.Its Gerry Weber. I don't wear it.I was talked into buying it in sale.Short knee length dress and jacket.Its free to a new home. Lol
    The brown jumper could be a god send mid winter. As you say,at home curled up.🍁🍂🍁🍂

  13. Oh Kim you crack me up you are so lovely and funny 😅 great clothes haul but agree with you about the denim dress. The jumper wasnt that bad and would be nice n snuggly for winter ❄️ Have a good week Kim you brighten all our days 🥰

  14. hi kim lovely to see you! your videos really make me happy, you are always great to watch, i would say this if its not a definite yes, then its a no, as far as clothes go anyway, lots of love x

  15. Hi Kim,loved the black top on you and the brown jumper,cosy for the winter,I would bring back the dresses,neither shape nor make to them! Lol yes I agree with you about poundland (dealz here in ireland) prices has really gone up,take care Kim xx

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