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Poverty in the USA: Being Poor in the World's Richest Country | ENDEVR Documentary


Poverty in the USA: Being Poor in the World's Richest Country | Business Documentary from 2019

Watch ‘The Last Free Place in America: Slab City' here:

In 2019, 43 million people in the United States lived below the poverty line, twice as many as it was fifty years before. 1.5 million children were homeless, three times more than during the Great Depression the 1930s. Entire families are tossed from one place to another to work unstable jobs that barely allow them to survive. In the historically poor Appalachian mining region, people rely on food stamps for food. In Los Angeles, the number of homeless people has increased dramatically. In the poorest neighbourhoods, associations offer small wooden huts to those who no longer have a roof.
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Date: September 16, 2022

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44 thoughts on “Poverty in the USA: Being Poor in the World's Richest Country | ENDEVR Documentary

  1. Martha sucks thats all am gona say i lived in a box made of wood in the back of a house paying 350 bucks for 7 years back in 1996 this lady would of eat dirt in my situation lol no ac no heater and my door custom compress wood made definitely against the law home made but no were else to go making 250 a week yeah

  2. It's a disgace that the richest nation on the planet doesn't seem to care about it's most vunerable people. I mean, the discrepancy between the richest and poorest is mind boggling. When you've got people with hundreds of billions in their bank accounts, whilst others are living off handouts from good samaritans, you know there's something seriously wrong. All of this could be easily resolved by making the richest pay their taxes. But that isn't ever going to happen as the powers that be see that as socialistic ideals. I personally see that as fairness and common decency.

  3. lucky here in nz they have some pools that are free so you may see the odd homeless go in there for showers and a swim plus they have beaches that have showers and also free bbq at some parks where they can cook food alot of options here plus the pif pages on fb if people are needing help with what there needing or wanting nobody shouldnt really stuggle its sad how people have to live like this i feel sorry for them 😥😥

  4. if i was that i would of sold whats worth money in the house too paye the rent till my job paye comes in least you have a roof over your head dont need too watch tv really and have alot of flash stuff and electronics everywhere in your home what people do need is more exporing outdoors

  5. During the 80s when so many industries were lost, the people who worked in those industries were not given anything in their places. It was tough living in the tobacco belt, watching the textile and printing industry go.

  6. Never give money to a homeless that won’t help give them food stop talk to them integrated to the community or give them a job so they can earned their own money on the long run it help more

  7. The only solution for this is acessible healthcare (or even public like in UK) plus new and cheaper house building that can provide cheaper rentings and full house prices… Plus job opportunities and private pensions.

  8. So.. if 200mi illegal immigrants increased in US, how this poverty people can be saved..? That's Biden and Dems are doing. The way Trump to save them is creating their jobs !! I think that's the right thing to do, rather giving them small amount money from TAX day by day.

  9. I love 10 minutes outside of Richmond and it's worse than this video shows, they are starting the gentrification process and all the low income families are being forced out of the south side of the city and into chesterfield County, 300 to 400 thousand dollar homes condos and duplexes are being built constantly but no housing for low income families is being built, and the cost of living across the board is getting outrageous and to wrap it all up most jobs are still paying around 10 to 12 dollars an hour which is hardly enough for a single person to afford to live on their own

  10. David, you made eggs and hamburgers, clean the dishes right away. Don’t let them sit overnight. Stop drinking. You don’t need a vice. Responsibility starts in the home, and eventually it follows you.

  11. I feel bad for these people.I 🙏🙏 for them that they found an affordable place to stay I always said I wouldn't want a job that I have to evict a person,and some landlords are nasty no heart

  12. Incredibly SAD!!! Can you imagine when is cold and snowing living in that tent??? And still bringing people through the South Frontier fence Sr. Biden? Would you stay spend a night in this place Mr. Brkndens??? What you call America First? Yes, WHERE MR. BRANDPOM??^^ EVIL Brandom! When you want to spend your snowy night here???? PΩnk!!!

  13. The question is how did they get to this position if their life? I can tell you they made some or a lot of bad decisions. Someone has to pay for those poor decisions. Sure the USA is the worlds richest country. But most people move into their economic equilibrium. Poor decisions put them in those economic levels.

  14. Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life

  15. I had a job that had me driving all around the region. I always had a home to go to but kept a gym membership for that because when I had to work late in Boston then be in the cape early I would drive down sleep in my car and hit the gym to shower. Works well gym showers are prime.

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