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If your new here hello my name's Krissy a mum of two. I post 3 times a week all things motherhood, hauls, DITL and more so please check out my other videos and I would love for you to consider subscribing 🥰

as always much love

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*NEW IN* Homesense, The range, B&M, TKMAX SEPTEMBER 2022 & huge AUTUMN haul

primark shop with me | NEW IN AUTUMN 2022

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Date: September 16, 2022

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23 thoughts on “PRIMARK TRY ON HAUL AUTUMN WINTER *NEW IN* September 2022

  1. Hi you lovely lot just wanted to pop on and say hi and thank you for all your kind comments as always. And to also say RIP to our beautiful queen! Such sad news isn’t it 🥲 hope she is resting on heaven with her loved ones up there xx

  2. You are so hard on yourself, I personally and honestly will say that you look amazing in everything. Give yourself some grace, you are very beautiful. ♥

  3. When it comes to autumn, I am a shacket girl. I got one from Asda today although it is £32 but I just had to have it! It is also quite long. I love that knitted jumper with the zip you showed us and that cardigan. Love those boots as well. I made my own Autumn wreath this year xx

  4. I love the crop top and black skirt! You look amazing In it all! How far did the skirt come down on you? As I’m 4ft 11 and wasn’t sure how long it was on you? Love your haul video and your sense fashion too x

  5. Love these pieces, gone are the days when you could fill your primarni basket up willy nilly 😫 so versatility is key! I need to pop to primark soon for essentials, bras, tights for Eden etc but may need those jeans in my life 😍😆

  6. Loved this! jm exactly the same usually a 12 but 14 in primark now…the mum tum is reallll haha but if you feel good in the size your in then thats what matters!! loveee the green striped jumper, might have to get it myself! xxx

  7. Hello great to c u I love it when u make me laugh u r mad but a great mad ha ha u look amazing in all the gorgeous clothes u go and your figure is amazing u r a yummy mummy if u don’t mind me saying thank u so much for putting a smile 😀 on my face uk 🇬🇧 🛍👚👡👗

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