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Rep Jim Banks: Biden is the 'best thing that ever happened' to Putin


Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., and Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson joined ‘The Ingraham Angle' to weigh in on the war in Ukraine and Chinese President Xi Jinping's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. #foxnews #ingrahamangle

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Date: September 16, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Rep Jim Banks: Biden is the 'best thing that ever happened' to Putin

  1. .President Zelenskyy refused to comply with donald s-hole tr***'s extortion demands, leading to s-hole's impeachment #1. President Zelenskyy exposed tr***'s weakness and brought him down. President Zelenskyy refused to surrender to putin and forced putin into retreat exposing putin's weakness. Putin will be replaced. President Zelenskyy through his intelligence, honesty, integrity, and courage, defeated two of the most powerful tyrants on this planet. Slava Ukraini!

  2. U.S. forces have been training Ukrainian officers and NCO's since 2014 and we are seeing the results here. The Ukrainians have such good OPSEC that we know far more about Russian troop movements than we know about Ukrainian troop movements. That has allowed the Ukrainians to mass their forces in certain strategic ops without the Russians knowing the places they drew them from. This is why the smaller Ukrainian military is able to make overwhelming strikes in specific locations without the Russians moving to attack their undermanned positions. The use of the HIMAR system is also helping the Ukrainians to attack Russian command and supply centers before large movements prior to attack. This is the result of greater intelligence supplied by the U.S. and utilized effectively by the Ukrainian forces. Zelensky is a great leader but let's not forget that policy under Obama to send training forces to Ukraine and the the push by President Biden to get NATO countries to support the Ukrainians have been the deciding factors in giving the Ukranians what they needed to resist and then push back Russia. Also trump tried to rescind giving any help to Ukraine, and tried to use the weapons congress had authorized for Ukraine to blackmail Zelensky to lie about Biden. Remember at the beginning of the war FOX news was going all out for Russia, complaining about the U.S. helping Ukraine. You people are pathetic.

  3. Dear All Women of America:
    Listen to your men.
    We know what's better for all of you. Better than you do.
    Don't forget that when you vote.
    While we're on the topic of women voting, maybe that should change too? Afterall, we know better than you.
    (MAGA brand Fascism party).
    ((we used to be Republicans, remember?))..

  4. Ukrainians need more weapons, they should start getting them sooner. In addition, they need new capabilities, such as longer-range ATACMS missiles, tanks and larger drones," said the top Republican in the US Senate.

  5. Biden is selling USA out piece by piece of our land, our realty, what the HELL is that? Pretty soon, we farmers are renting the farm land in order to produce food for American? Red China will be our LANDLORD? China can grow crops then sell to us right in USA??? We're robbed by Biden's admin.

  6. Laura must think we’re stupid NATO is & has ALWAYS been a defensive operation & she knows Putin wouldn’t think about nuclear options cuz he knows NATO is way stronger then he is. Plus Putin is seems to be more worried that he might about be overthrown! So instead of saying Xi & Putin are strong leaders maybe talk about how the Ukraine’s just did the impossible Putin doesn’t seem strong to me! Laura should do her research cuz a lot of high ranking officials on Russia State TV have started speaking out against Putin & the war yes they say the war!! Did she thing it was strong of Trump to stand next to Putin as Putin laughed at him & at all of us in the US while they were in Helsinki? That was weakness what Trump did!

  7. Face it, DEMOCRATS are on the side of COMMUNIST China. They are deliberately destroying your country. A ONE WORLD government is not the answer. It wont work out well for you, but if that's what you vote for… maybe it's what you deserve.

  8. Yes, Joe is compromised which is very OBVIOUS! Joe is in China's back pocket. He and his family are bought and paid for. What kind of dirt do you think China has on Joe and Hunter?? Heaps!

  9. you dumbb mttfr hillbilies keep blaming russia and putin for all ! What did the Russians do please enlight me ! Its your corrupt politicians and media outlets that destroyed so many nations on false naritives. And now we are on the brink of WW3 all because of the US steeling and robbing policies, Go and start your civalwar please and leave the rest of the world in peace !! The US is by far the most corrupt and hypocritic country in the world and thats a fact

  10. The American population was scammed out of a 3rd debate between Trump and biden where foreign policy would've been discussed! We never got to hear them go head to head on foreign policy and now we're seeing bidens horrible foreign policy which is bringing the US further down!

  11. So, I recently watched the original 'Red Dawn' a couple nights ago.

    Granted, we may not be in WW3 but the basis of that movie, for those who don't know, is that a hostile nation takes over a small town in America and high schoolers are the only ones that can save the day.

    Forget the high schoolers here.

    China buying up farmland in America gives a HOSTILE NATION the ability to control certain parts of America.

    Who would have thought that this movie would even be CLOSE to coming true.

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