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Sean Hannity: This sounds like a veiled threat


Sean Hannity discusses The Washington Times piece about a top FBI agent exiting amid charge of political bias undermining the Hunter Biden probe on ‘Hannity.’

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Date: September 18, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Sean Hannity: This sounds like a veiled threat

  1. Is it true that mexico is emptying their prisons so the inmates will cross the border into the USA, as a result, their budget won't have to feed and house all those inmates. This is what cuban Fidel Castro did to the USA years ago, they emptied their prisons and sent their prison population to Florida. Foreign countries will now do this horror, they will take advantage of our open borders, they will release their criminals with a promise that they will come to the USA. It's a no brainer. Why should they continue to house their criminal trouble makers when they can do what Fidel Castro did years ago, ship them to the streets of the USA.

  2. Think about it for a moment. Why does Fox Broadcasting spend their entire network time demonizing Democrats? Hannity doesn't present "News" nor is it Journalism. The truth is that Fox is chock-full of dark commentary whose sole purpose is to stir up hatred towards other Americans. If hatred and eroding Democracy appeals to you then Fox is for you.

  3. It is so very painful for me to explain simple answers to the questions many politicians are asking in today's political and social environment Take this poor wretch Sarah Palin. The poor darling struggles endlessly trying to piece together factors which place her at the bottom of the heap politically and even more troubling socially. Palin disregarded the one simple rule all mortals must possess in order to carry out any task, and that rule is humility. We see this poor "Lock and Load" caricature of this candidate has developed into a snarky obtrusive nonsensical ranting idiot. She follows through with trying to convey that there is an inkling of intelligence mixed in with the cornucopia of evil tripe. Ms. Palin is getting old now, and will never present to the public an image of confidence and trust which surrounds many powerful leaders possess. Look at Joe Biden. He surpasses everyone currently on the public stage with a personality of hope and love and trust. Humility plays an important role in all of this as well. Ms. Palin no longer stirs the excitement and zeal of Alaskans who are simply looking for leadership they can be proud of. Alaskans are simply too sophisticated for you both politically and socially. You do not fit in the equations anymore; and it pains me a great deal to have to convey this to you, since you seem to be struggling to understand the "WHY" factor of your demise. Hopefully you will have the courage to pack up and retreat to a more simple and less taxing career which will see you out successfully. Good luck my dear!

  4. "It was the biggest scam in political history. Every dollar you sent him paid to keep his shady business empire and lavish lifestyle going. It was a sucker game all along. And you know who the sucker is? You,"

  5. lol. All you viewers know Hannity is an entertainer, right? Not a news source, not a journalist. For real. He can like with impunity because of his entertainer status. BTW, Han, are you impersonating a Mennonite minister?

  6. I am so sick of OPINION masqueraded as news by FoxNews, MSNBC, & CNN. Americans need to smarten up! Get informed with FACTS! and not SIDED-OPINION and partial truths or selection of TOPICS that show only one view-point! FoxNews Network claims to have “Opinion Commentators” "strictly to be entertaining," and don't "really have rules."~ they are all just paid mouth pieces promoting FoxNews Network's propaganda! Wake Up America!

  7. Hannity is such a hack.
    Back when Trump was making comments that "sounded like veiled threats" Sean was the first one to jump in and defend him.
    Now he is the one making the same accusations. He must be a gymnast because he is flip flopping like a pro.

  8. I was a Trump-loving MAGA supporter FOREVER. Yes, FOREVER. Unfortunately, now not I'm sure about how having classified documents are good for OUR country. It scares the sh!t out of me. If Russia/China discovers our spies in their country, we NO LONGER HAVE INTELLIGENCE TO PROTECT THE USA. How does that make sense?

  9. The FBI is defeating thair whole purpose of doing what they are for by taking the leftist side this kind of corruption shouldn't be allowed by any of the government .

  10. Can anyone see the joke of an AG this man is? You wonder why our laws seem to be a joke? It is okay to investigate anyone except democrats, this is basically what I got out of it since Trump, staff members, candidates running for offices are being investigated but not Congress. Let me guess, because they are so honest?

  11. Forget about veiled threat. The President of the United States just called half the country Fascists. This is a direct threat. In my opinion the deep state will contrive some reason to disrupt the midterms. These Evil people are that dangerous.

  12. ATTEN AMERICANS!, your government has Admitted many times over that America has meddled in other countries government elections …

    what makes americans think they are Not meddling with your own elections ???

    Pres Trump WILL loose again by a hair using your Dominion voting machines.

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