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Security Guard Thinks He OWNS The Sidewalk


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Welcome to Audit the Audit, where we sort out the who and what and the right and wrong of police interactions. Help us grow and educate more citizens and officers on the proper officer interaction conduct by liking this video and/or subscribing.

This video is for educational purposes and is in no way intended to provoke, incite, or shock the viewer. This video was created to educate citizens on constitutionally protected activities and emphasize the importance that legal action plays in constitutional activism.

Bear in mind that the facts presented in my videos are not indicative of my personal opinion, and I do not always agree with the outcome, people, or judgements of any interaction. My videos should not be construed as legal advice, they are merely a presentation of facts as I understand them.

This video falls under fair use protection as it has been manipulated for educational purposes with the addition of commentary. This video is complementary to illustrate the educational value of the information being delivered through the commentary and has inherently changed the value, audience and intention of the original video.

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Date: September 17, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Security Guard Thinks He OWNS The Sidewalk

  1. I HAVE JUST MADE MY VERY LAST ATTEMPT TO WATCH ANY VIDEO FROM "AUDIT THE AUDIT". That narrator's wimpy voice and the Marilyn Monroe tone is enough to make me vomit. Try getting a speaker who sounds like he 'has a pair'.

  2. Once anyone in the world starts yelling and walking towards me, it would have turned really bad, really fast! And pushing me…. I would have dropped him! Mr. Sidewalks handled it MUCH better than I would have 🤣 Mr. Miyagi seemed kind of nice. I'm in Texas, he wouldn't push someone and go home without a bullet in his head.

  3. As a security guard, your evaluation of Mr Sidewalks behavior is completely wrong. I often agree with your assessments, but this is wrong. When you set closed sidewalk areas, there is a reasonable expectation that it will inconvenience the people of the area who were unaware of the sidewalk's closure and often there is leeway given to people to use a "buffer zone" to inform them of the sidewalk's closure and give them the ability to use a detour (where possible). Mr. Sidewalks was lingering in and around a closed area. This is different than if he had just looked around and moved on when he was informed about the closure. He should get an F for sticking around after being told and shown that the sidewalk is closed. Mr. Sidewalks, not the supervisor escalated the situation by becoming a possible threat to the people going into the gala. I agree the supervisor became belligerent and was unprofessional and I agree with his grade. Mr. Sidewalks became a threat who now has taken the attention of security and since he had no intention of harm, could have distracted the guards from a real threat. After he was told the sidewalk closure extended to the hydrant, he should have moved back and moved on from there. It seemed more like Mr. Sidewalk was looking to cause trouble. That often happens with 1st amendment auditors, they put themselves in technically Constitutionally protected situations and then act in a suspicious manner and escalate the situation. Not saying all, but many do. A reasonable person doesn't stalk around outside a venue or building and regardless of the Constitutionality of it, it's going to get a reaction.

  4. As soon as he touched me I would've punched him in the face. Reminds me of my loser boss that got fired from the police force for falsifying documents and who I constantly have issues with at work. Hope that son of bitch gets Tboned on his way to work one day.

  5. The thing you have to keep in mind when it comes to "First Amendment auditors" is that their entire game is based on demonstrating that each individual American citizen is "free to ignore anything he wants to ignore and instead make our own rules for ourselves because any and every thing is always our choice and nobody can tell us shit because ME ME ME ME, THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND ME AND WHATEVER I FEEL LIKE". To them, the entire US Constitution is one big license to be a spoiled child.

  6. Sidewalk guy was obnoxious but shouldn't have been shoved obviously, it's a weird thing to "audit" or whatever this dude does with all the time he has on his hands

  7. Like/love your information. I'm sure you've been told that your long-winded bro. Analyst right? And have success in this now? Can you please show your face? I mean I actually dig what you do but transpercy is crucial. And even though it's auto generated, please show me your face. Millions right? I probably shouldn't be sending this. Swivel!

  8. This is why I hate these audit channels. The guy's out there trying to make sure people attending an event are secure and some guy has nothing better to do than hassle the event security.

  9. It seems like to me that these YouTuber's or Streamers go out and look for trouble. Don't get me wrong, the security guard overreacted and should not have "pushed" him. But it seems like (to me) that the YouTuber intentionally interacted with the Security Guard in order to get a negative reaction.

  10. I'm so glad I found this channel, I've learned so much of what I should and shouldn't do if I ever interact with law enforcement. Thanks for the great content and analysis of these interactions.

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