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Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Trump ‘Is Putting The Security Of The U.S. At Risk And He Must Be Stopped.’


Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) joins Andrea Mitchell to with her reaction to the FBI seizing classified documents from former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. “He is putting the security of the United States at risk and he must be stopped. We need to keep these documents secure. Our government needs to be able to deal with them,” says Senator Warren. “This is what Donald Trump does. He puts Donald Trump first, and everyone else, literally including people who are out in the field whose lives could be at risk, all are subsidiary to Donald Trump.” She adds, “What's important is that we have a Department of Justice that without fear and without favor is going forward in its investigation.” 

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Trump ‘Is Putting The Security Of The U.S. At Risk And He Must Be Stopped.’


Date: September 18, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Trump ‘Is Putting The Security Of The U.S. At Risk And He Must Be Stopped.’

  1. If tRump becomes a useless candidate again, knowing straight up what a National Security Risk he’s proven to be, I will be thoroughly disgusted with Both sides! tRump always a narcissistic con. 😡 If Obama, with impeccable background, did half the crap you know very well how the Racist Republican Party would’ve taken care of him!! Democrats are freaking passive and I’m starting to think it’s deliberate. I’ve had it. I’m not the 1%, I therefore must be just another number and a part of the bigger twisted scheme(s). It’s not just Republican Party losing constituents!!! 😠

  2. Warren said migrants welcomed at mass. Keep them coming we can handle them. Higher taxes, more schools needed, language teachers, polio, TB, resources exhausted. And not one of the immigrants will live in her neighborhood or she won’t have any of them to dinner or tea. She will hire them to garden or maids. One party government shoved down the American people. Immigrants secure votes. Wake up Americans this is being done right front of your faces.
    RI is next leave .

  3. Someone obviously knew removing the Top Secret doucments from the White House & then who put the Top Secret doucments in his office. Why would they move these boxes of Top Secret doucments if Trump didn't know anything about it. Where are the safety procedures with movers just picking up boxes of Top Secret doucments. How do they know that a box or two of Top Secret documents haven't been accidentally place or stored in someone's else vehicle or even in the front of the moving truck to be sold at a nice price to the highest bidder on eBay?😳

  4. Well Well Well
    The President does not need to write anything as of anything for it to be declassified; Only to do by action.
    Declared by law and SCOUS precident,
    As such anything at The President residence is declassified. Law.
    However, Interesting thought as of the mid term elections.
    Democratics beware!!!!!, might be in serious trouble.
    If the GOP has the numbers; as only needs simple majority in the house 🏠,
    they can impeach:
    1 The President and then
    2 The Vice President
    And the Senate by 2/3 vote terminates the President & Vice President term of office 🏬
    Which will make the House 🏠 Speaker
    Who will be a Republican;
    The President of USA 🇺🇸.
    What happens if no GOP in congress wants or takes the job.
    Can/ How does Donald Trump get the job.

  5. That was the most hollow waste of time I have ever listen to in my life regarding politics. It lets me know that there is no plan but to hit the note of Familes, Big Pharma, and Energy. The problem isn't big pharma. The problem is the structure of our healthcare system. It is incredibly flawed, complex, and tied to what our job is and who we work with then plays a larger roll in the cost of that healthcare. Hiring someone with a lot of claims would result in a higher premium overall in the company. The fix isn't as shallow as she states it. This was a complete waste of time and I feel dumber for watching this video. How bad do Republicans have to be in order to lose to her. There must not be anyone really that great in whatever state she is in. Even the Democrats too.

  6. I got something to announce but I can't do it with all white males on the floor so I need 4 women the least who will stand behind me ,literally and figuratively, I hope we can find them..Graham before he went on stage….Took him a week to find them…

  7. Men need to first GIVE BIRTH to a baby and have then raise the child without help from our government, before they even can make any laws on women's Bodies and strip OUR rights to our own bodies.

  8. These folks are brainwashed. Believe in America –VOTE – Thank you, Sen. Warren. I had no idea this was based on that kind of greed, so thank you, Andrea.

  9. Let's not mention our open boarders . The cartel running the fentanyl across the boarder. Who knows what type of people are coming.
    Well we should just keep pedophile Joe . He is messed up! Taking showers with his 11 year old daughter. That's beyond normal. That's sexual emotional and physical abuse. He should be jailed with his crack head son!!

  10. These Maga Fascists want to turn America into another Russia Authoritarian Fascists Country that will not resemble America anymore. They do not want to help Americans, Environment, Water, Air, or anything living on our Mother Earth! They are the Enemies from within America!!!!

  11. So Durham has blown FBI corruption wide open. But not a peep out of msnbc. You push a narrative instead of reporting the news and thats hats what makes this network the news for stupid ppl.

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