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Sen. John Kennedy rips Biden: 'Inflation loves him like the Devil loves sin'


Louisiana Republican calls out White House over backward priorities, on ‘Hannity.' #hannity #foxnews

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Date: September 16, 2022

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49 thoughts on “Sen. John Kennedy rips Biden: 'Inflation loves him like the Devil loves sin'

  1. Senator Kennedy amazies me. I love to hear this man talk. He tells it like it is. I try to listen to everything he says, I enjoy his voice and the way he thinks he's a breath of fresh air. Thank You Senator Kennedy you are awesome, God Bless you. 🌹🇺🇸🌹🇺🇸🌹

  2. You all keep acting like your Christians. So, when do you get to the part involving Jesus? The only Christian that I can think of is Jimmy Carter.
    Seriously. You don't have a theology other than the one that Fox or Trump gives you.
    Oh, I get it. You're corporate "christians" who have a league of pastors that con people out of their money and don't pay any taxes.
    Gee… that seems a lot like SOCIALISM!!!

  3. No nonsense tell it like it is Senator John Kennedy. Who can not love this man??? He killed me with "If the shoe fits wear it Cinderella!!" 🤣😂😭 Hilarious!!! We need more like him in Washington!!

  4. Well I am a Republican but I think we need to check every one of them's portfolios, to see if they made Millions off of any trades Republican or Democrat if so they need to resign and get out of the offices it is called insider trading but yet they don't have to live up to it they will never go to jail or to court they will never have any other accounts Frozen it makes me sick to see what this country has come down to I am a veteran and I love this country

  5. ByebyeBiden gives Detroit car makers Billions of $'s for Electric charging stations, apparently not knowing the Eletric Grids can't handle it…

  6. Senator Kennedy your still my favorite Senator. Wise beyond his years and excellent at getting a point across to the point anyone would have to say point Taken . Just this quality gets my vote. Will add he leaves no question about what side of a fence he is on no half commitments .

  7. Student loans were given so they can get educated and get better, higher paying jobs. Now those of us who did not not get to go to college, have to pay their loans from our blue collar bank accounts, while they enjoy their better higher paying jobs. If I were educated I might see something odd about this!

  8. Yes, yes it seems like I am needed more than ever… and I'm always here to make you a deal… for a small price of course… but don't worry about the details …we can discuss them later.. can I talk you into taking advantage of my new Biden family plan…👹

  9. How can anyone think Biden is doing a good job. The only way they will understand how bad things are is for them to be removed. It’s just a living nightmare for the American people.

  10. Senator Kennedy: Why did Congress go along with the student loan forgiveness? It is Congress that has to approve that. Biden can't do that of his own accord. Why not instead repay all the monies stolen from social security first before ever thinking about student loan forgiveness? As you said, jobs are a better idea to repay those student loans. This is insane. It's worse even than robbing Peter to pay Paul. It's robbing the church mice to pay the rats and we still have the plague of inflation!

  11. I pray for your reelection Senator John Kennedy. You are real people down to earth with tons of common sense. I live in Southern Wisconsin but have visited New Orleans and surrounding Parishes nine times. I love the people, the delicious food, and you are the best Senator for Louisiana! 🥰❤️🇺🇸

  12. President Joe BIDEN, will pardon himself, his son and all his family for all CRIMES committed in the past. The DoJ and FBI know this and it explains their indecent arrogance. POTUS Biden has sold America out and still, the Democrat Party and Deep State support him. The USA polity has sunk to an absolute low in world opinion. There are no words to describe this betrayal.

  13. I hear him talking we'll see in November I think John and the rest of his boy boys I'm going to have a rude awakening the voters vote one way and that's it I live in Massachusetts they voted Democrat as long as I've been alive and I don't think it's going to change in 20 22 or 24

  14. My Brother got stuck in the middle of the way to he’s home he had to wait 4 hr for theI tried to pick him up and he just got off from the hospital he was sick that is the electric car he bought

  15. The student debt cancellation is nothing more than a power grab to buy votes. The average burden per U.S. taxpayer for the new federal student debt cancellation will be $2,503.22, according to new estimates from the National Taxpayers Union!

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