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Admin dashboard templates are specifically designed for the backend or administrative sections of web applications. They often include components and layouts commonly found in admin interfaces, such as charts, tables, forms, notifications, and various UI elements. These templates can save developers a significant amount of time by providing a solid foundation for building the user interface of their applications.

Multiple Colors Option
Express your brand’s personality with our admin template’s versatile color options. Choose from a wide range of carefully curated color palettes to match your organization’s identity, or create a custom scheme that resonates with your vision. The flexibility in colors ensures a vibrant and engaging user interface.

Dark and Light Mode
Enhance user comfort and reduce eye strain with our admin template’s dynamic dark and light modes. Whether users prefer a sleek dark interface for a modern feel or a classic light theme, they can easily switch between the two modes based on their preference and environment.

Multiple Header and Sidebar Options
Tailor the navigation experience to suit your content and user needs. Our admin template offers a variety of header and sidebar configurations. From compact headers and collapsible sidebars for a focused experience, to expanded headers and fixed sidebars for comprehensive navigation, you have the freedom to choose what suits your application best.

Flexible Header Options
Personalize the header’s appearance and functionality with our admin template’s array of options. Whether you need a traditional top navigation bar or a modern side menu with icons and user information, our template supports it all, letting you create a header that aligns with your app’s purpose.

Responsive Sidebar Choices
Empower users to navigate effortlessly with our admin template’s responsive sidebar options. Select from various designs such as compact, full-height, or collapsible sidebars, catering to different screen sizes and user preferences.

You will get

  • HTML Files
  • jQuery and JavaScript files
  • CSS And Sass files
  • Proper Documentation


  • 70+ HTML Pages Available
  • 6+ Menu Style Available
  • 15+ Color Skin
  • Use Light Gallery
  • Light And Dark Theme
  • Horizontal Navigation Available
  • High Speed Performance
  • Super Responsive for All Latest Browsers and Mobile Devices
  • SEO Optimized
  • Clean Coded
  • Free Google Web Fonts
  • Free Icon Fonts (Font Awesome)
  • Customizable & Organized
  • Error Page Available
  • Bootstrap5 + CSS3 + HTML5
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Fast Supports
  • Modern, Professional Design
  • Flexible Layout
  • All Files are Well Commented


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  • “Poppins”,sans-serif


Note : Images used in the demo are not provided in download package.



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Change Log

v1.1 – 14 August 2023

 * Documentation Revised and enhanced for better understanding * Design issues resolved for consistent, polished visuals. * Fixed HTML W3 validation errors for better accessibility. * Rectified dark theme problem, ensuring accurate display during resizing process 

v1.0 – 22 May 2023

 * New - Created & Upload Akademi 

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