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Course Description

User authentication and authorization are mandatory components of nearly every web application. You could always roll your own solution, but that’s not considered best practice. It is too easy to introduce a security flaw into your system that could lead to compromised user data. Instead, it’s better to use a robust existing authentication and authorization library.

This course will teach you how to use Microsoft’s Identity framework—a complete user authentication and authorization system for ASP.NET applications.

What You’ll Learn

  • Install Identity from scratch.
  • Create and organize the necessary objects.
  • Customize the user class and allow users to sign in.
  • Integrate Facebook authentication with OAuth.
  • Incorporate email support.
  • Create role-based authentication.

About the Instructor

Jeremy McPeak started his development career on the client side, writing JavaScript and DHTML components in his spare time. He has co-written several books, such as Professional Ajax 1st Edition, Professional Ajax 2nd Edition, and Beginning JavaScript 3rd and 4th editions. You can check out his website.

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