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Fit2Go – beautiful gym fitness admin template is a bootstrap based admin template crafted targeting gyms, fitness and wellness centers.

It comes with two modules Admin and User/Subscriber.

Admin Template:

Admin section contains all pages required to manage a fitness center with beautiful UI.

It contains 20+ pages where gym owners can check finances, members and manage courses, events, news, holidays etc.

1.Availability of individual Admin Dashboard.

2.Availability of individual Admin Login.

3.All Layouts are Responsive.

4.Trainer Assignment policy.(Training sessions).

5.Data Maintenance of subscriber and as well Trainers.

6.Update the Subscriber information.

7.Create a Event Planning.

8.Access the Courses of Subscriber.

9.Upgrade the courses Information.

10.Schedule the courses to the Subscriber in dept such as:

a. Date.

b. Timings.
c. Alloted Room Number.
d. Opted Course Name.
e. Trainer Name.

11.Availability of assigned personal trainers for subscribers.

User/Subscriber Template:

User section caters to members of fitness center.

User can track their progress, membership info and they can see info like.

1.Availability of Subscriber Individual Dashboard.

2.Availability of Subscriber Login,Register Functionality.

3.Subscriber payment Methods.

4.Subscriber pending payments status.

5.Receive the Notifications,when courses added.

6.List of Courses availability.

7.You may also use this templates for Nutrition weight loss and any other
health related services.

8.Duration of courses and with Timings.

Fit2Go – Beautiful Gym and fitness Template built with Latest Web technologies:

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