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Ginea - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Ginea - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Ginea - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Ginea - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Ginea - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Ginea - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Ginea - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Ginea - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Ginea - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Ginea - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Ginea - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Ginea - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Ginea - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Ginea - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Ginea - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Ginea - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Ginea — Modern WooCommerce Theme

Ginea is a modern WooCommerce WordPress Theme aimed to be the publishing platform for some of the most exquisite and capable online stores. Best suited for modern Interior Design studios, Furniture stores, Fashion/Clothing & Apparel stores, home decor, and more. Ginea Modern WooCommerce theme is where minimalism meets elegance. Powered by the most robust feature set and tools are what make Ginea the perfect choice for any WooCommerce online store.

The capable WooCommerce Builder allows you to create and stylize online stores and website pages with utmost flexibility. You can design the pages down to the last detail to match your brand using the Theme Style options that provide coherence and a revolutionary way of creating pages. You can easily manage inventory, receive payments, add shipping options, display your products and categorize items based on a specific taxonomy.

The power of Ginea goes beyond the eCommerce capabilities, you can also create a blog on the side to provide informative content on your niche. Fast, lightweight, and rocket-speed performance are what give Ginea the epitome of a powerful WooCommerce WordPress theme.

If you have more questions you wish to clarify please reach our Knowledge Base, or head over to our Youtube Channel to comprehend the power of Ginea WordPress Theme.

For every purchase of Ginea, you get professional support 24/7 for any questions or issues regarding the theme. Our team of support will be at your disposal.

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Main Features

  • Visual Page Builder – that allows you to create beautiful designs in real-time, where all the changes are made instantly and intuitively.
  • Flexible Layout System – where you can create any type of layout, style, spacing, typography settings, layout options column flex options used in columns, and section options allowing you to change the content horizontal, vertical, or justify position.
  • Modern Design – The intrinsic modern and sleek design of Ginea will have your online store looking stunning and professional.
  • WooCommerce Customizer – The powerful WooCommerce customizer will allow you to build and create online stores without much trouble. Manage your stock, add your products, their corresponding details, and more.
  • Multiple pre-made homepages – It’s as simple and selecting your preferred homepage and import it with a single click. You can then change the content as per your needs and change the design as it fits your brand
  • Full Elementor Integration – Elementor makes up one of the major parts of the website building in Ginea helping you design and create masterpieces with the flexibility that only Elementor can provide.
  • SEO Optimized – Ginea is fully optimized for search engines to help your website rank better on search results
  • 80+ Elements – Amazing elements ready for use in the front-end page builder, everything drag & drop
  • Responsive Design – Ginea is a 100% Responsive WordPress theme that always looks stunning on each device accordingly.
  • Unique Animations & Motion Effects – Add animation and layers of interactions of every element using the unique animations and effects included.
  • Hundreds of Options – With more than 500 different options and shortcodes, all of them merged to create exquisite-looking websites that serve so many purposes.
  • Advanced Typography Options – Choose from the large repository of Google Fonts to suit your design or add custom fonts and typefaces directly to your website.
  • Images Included – All the images that are included with this theme are to be used on your website without additional charge.
  • Compliance – In complete conformity with WordPress and PHP coding standards
  • Compatibility – Always compatible with the latest WordPress versions your website will be ready before you know it.
  • Third-Party Plugins – Regularly compatible with the latest versions of 3rd party integrated plugins
  • Framework – Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Browser Compatibility – with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE9, IE10, IE11
  • Premium Plugins – Ginea comes with premium plugins bundled for added functionality within the price of the theme.
  • Automatic Updates – The theme updates will be automated through the WordPress Admin interface.
  • Icon Library & SVG Icons – Integrated with access to more than 1,500 free Font Awesome 5 as well as the ability to upload your own SVG files.
  • Plugin Compatibility – with all the popular WordPress plugins like WP Super Cache, Elementor, WooCommerce, WP Rocket, RankMath, WPML, Yoast, W3TC, MemberPress, PODS, LearnDash, Custom Post Types, W3 Total Cache, BBPress, JetPack, Updraft Plus, and more.

Theme Builder

Visually build and design your website using the most comprehensive set of tools and elements to create page templates to use throughout your entire website.

  • Template Type – Select the template type you wish to create; it can be headers, footers, product pages, archives, or more.
  • Header Builder – With Ginea you can build and design every part of your website, including headers. Be in charge of every component on your site.
  • Footer Builder – Add all the necessary elements to your footer design and style them as per your desire with the total design freedom that Ginea presents.
  • Popup Builder – Build beautiful and engaging popups using the Popup Builder, no extra plugins needed.
  • Dynamic Content – Build dynamic pages using the elements assigned with dynamic capabilities.
  • Conditions – Set the conditions rules and assign where will the design be applied, on what pages, based on a precise display algorithm of categories and taxonomies.
  • Search Results Pages – Design and customize search results ages for when users explore your content.
  • Archive Pages – Display a beautiful archive of your items, posts, or products where users can search through various filterable categories.
  • 404 Pages – Design custom 404 pages and assign them to be displayed when users reach the domain they requested but the URL path provided no information.
  • Product Archive Template – Showcase of your entire products.
  • Preview Settings – Preview how your dynamic content will look on the end results on each content.

Mega Menu

  • Extravagant menu to display all pages at once without having the need to stack them.
  • Advanced options on the menu item make it very easy and quick to build a mega menu.
  • You don’t need to add extra classes for columns and activation, there are simple options to choose from.
  • You have complete control over the columns, rows, design, typography, and more.
  • No limits when it comes to the number of columns, create as many as you wish.
  • Insert background picture or video to your menu, or insert icons, custom thumbnails next to menu items.
  • You can choose to stretch, full width, or custom width by adjusting pixel values of the flyout.
  • This feature is especially useful and convenient for WooCommerce websites.

Neuron Library

Neuron Library is made of blocks and sections that will help you consolidate your website utilizing the pre-made templates crafted down to every detail by our talented team of designers.

  • You will be given access to 480+ exquisitely pre-made page layouts and blocks to insert with just a click
  • Customize and configure the library blocks and sections with the utmost flexibility to math your content
  • All the library items are categorized and structured based on their utility
  • You can find various pre-designed blocks and sections like headers, footers, single post pages, single product pages, hero sections, services, call to actions, FAQs, archives, and more.
  • If you are feeling creative you can create your own template, save them and reuse it on your site or another different website.
  • All the templates included within the Neuron library are responsive, as they will adapt to every screen device.
  • You can also upload a file to your templates from your computer.
  • Using shortcodes you can embed templates any place you like within your page
  • Simply by drag & dropping the template element you can add your templates with ease and in a matter of seconds.

Powerful WooCommerce Online Stores

Build the most capable and complex online stores with Ginea or create a simple minimal shop to sell your products, it’s all up to your business needs and features. The scope of features varies from physical to digital goods. The theme is supported to make it easy for you to not only design your site like a pro but also run our workflow as smoothly as possible. Due to its highly configurable options, you can manage inventory and shipping, take secure payments, and sort taxes automatically.

  • Design Capabilities – You can design every element and area on your online store and have your brand style take over
  • Wishlist – You can have your customers add their favorite products to a wishlist, only to perhaps purchase them later
  • Quick View – This feature allows your clients to easily get the necessary information about their preferred products without having to navigate away from the page.
  • Single Product Template – Build your single product pages with the powerful tools and elements at your fingertips. Add all the elements needed and design them as per your desire.
  • Breadcrumbs – Don’t let your customers get lost while searching for their item. It helps them follow their tracks in case they want to go back.
  • Product Title – Probably one of the most important things when introducing a certain product.
  • Price – Add the price of each product on the back and design it to match your style from the visual editor screen. Also, you can sort products based on the price range.
  • Product Ratings – You can show your product’s feedback directly to the product page.
  • Product Content – Add the content of your products to shortly explain their main characteristics
  • Short Description – Besides the product content, a short description allows you to shortly illustrate the highlights of your product.
  • Product Stock – Show how many items are left or if an item is sold out
  • Add to Cart Button – One step further to make a purchase. It helps customers choose different products and decide among them
  • Additional Info – P.S If you have anything to say that’s important and back up your arguments just add it here.
  • Reviews – Provide reviews from other clients elaborating your products as it helps clients make the final purchase
  • Product Archive Template – Showcase of all your products.
  • Filters – Filtering among specific categories on an online store on your archive page. You can sort your products by Date, Categories, Price, Popularity, Rating, Tags, or any other taxonomy (e.g. Size, Color, etc.)
  • Unlimited images, galleries, and products – Show off your products in the best way possible by adding photos that capture and highlight your product’s attributes.
  • Built-in payment processing from leading providers – Take payments via Stripe and PayPal. Accept credit cards, Direct Bank transfers, checks, or Cash on Delivery.
  • Cart Pages – to show you the content on your cart, which you can update and change quantity per each product that you have.
  • Digital Downloads – If you sell downloadable products or with a variation. Easy integration with digital goods, e-books, music, design, and much more.
  • Reports – Provides insights on sales, refunds, coupons, your top products, categories over time.
  • Unlimited variations – With this component you can create a more complicated multi-variation product by adding attributes of a certain good like color, size, fabric, model, and so on with the option to set prices, stock, and images for each variation.
  • Customer accounts and registration – Give your customer a chance to sign up and create accounts. But those that don’t want to commit to an account, can always choose guest checkout.
  • Ajax Mini Cart – Addition to the menu cart and the cart itself, this small tool is of great help since it saves your orders and their details within seconds you add them to your cart, also users can take a quick view of their cart orders.
  • CarouselUse the carousel mode to beautifully display your products, or use a category to assemble your products and so many other features from our Design Customization toolkit
  • Advanced QueryEasily include or exclude products to show or not on display based on a precise query setting.

Advanced Blog Composition

  • You can either choose Grid, Masonry, Metro, or Carousel as your layout to display your blog content depending on your taste and refinery.
  • In all the layouts you can add or remove the sidebar and place it left or right or full width
  • Individual Page and Posts settings
  • Choose your outer layer to be Wide or Box depending
  • Display featured image as full, large, medium thumbnail size
  • Exceptional Carousel Settings to shuffled and display different content
  • Impressive, lightweight, responsive Image hover effects and animations
  • Full control over hover options and like opacity or color
  • 4 types of posts (image, videos, slideshow, audio)
  • Choose skin of your posts to classic or card types
  • Select to either show or not metadata, post excerpt, and so on.
  • Show or hide tag, title, link title, category anywhere on your blog
  • Choose to archive a post that you don’t want to be shown to your readers
  • Effortlessly determine the number of items shown per page using the Post per Page option
  • Easily navigate between any post on your site with post navigation and customize it however you like
  • Pagination – Add the number of pages or infinite scrolling
  • Display the archive title based on the query selected.
  • Display and design the author box
  • Let your users share thoughts and opinions through the Post Comments option
  • Isotope filers – can hide and show item elements via filtering
  • The Advanced Query Option is available for blog posts as well, where you can include or exclude blog posts based on a certain category or taxonomy

Popup Builder

  • Build beautiful and engaging popups using the Popup Builder, no extra plugins needed
  • Design and craft popups all on a live interface by simply dragging and dropping elements
  • Add any element from the Element’s Panel to include on your popup
  • Flexible layout options for each popup creation
  • Build any type of popups
  • Set the triggers that determine when the popup will be display
  • Assign the condition rules as to what pages will your popup be displayed
  • Add Advanced Rules to further channelize your popup display
  • Target specific audience for the popup display
  • Create Exit Intent Popups, Newsletter Popups, Related Posts Popup, Promotional Banners, Login Popups, Subscribe Popups, Full-Screen Popups, and more
  • You can create multiple popups and display them as the user scrolls down the page or also trigger them on user inactivity
  • Link your popups display with a button click
  • Display popups after a user submit your forms

Form Builder

  • Build and create forms to establish solid communication with your users as well as have them submit their information as part of your marketing strategy.
  • Designing forms in Ginea is a delight as it gives you all the tools you need to create robust form submissions
  • You can select from multiple field types like Text, Tel, Email, Text area, Number, Select, URL, Date & Time, Checkbox, Radio, reCAPTCHA, and more depending on the information you may require.
  • Connect your form with your favorite marketing platforms like MailChimp to easily track and manage your email submissions
  • Set an action after submitting either as a thank you page, a custom message, redirect them to a specific page, or display a popup expressing gratitude
  • You can easily customize layout, spacing, add and customize form fields to receive information you require, style and edit the look of the form from fields, buttons, backgrounds to colors and typography
  • Fill in your data to receive the form submission and decide on the information you needs
  • Mark certain fields as required
  • Now you can make a custom confirmation email to send to or visitors after they submit it.
  • You can create a custom message to be displayed while users interact with the form. It will be considered a nice touch from your visitors.
  • Send advanced data using hidden fields that are not visible to the user​, mostly used to add tracking to form submissions.
  • File upload is remarkably flexible and offers a lot of options to tailor your forms exactly how you want them.
  • Allow multiple files for the user to upload at once.
  • Add acceptance fields on your forms for users to agree with rules and regulations
  • Add a security layer to your forms using reCaptcha integration

Theme Style

  • 50+ Elements to build and design anything you wish on your website
  • Comprehensive theme options panel to optimize any element and component on your website without touching a single line of code
  • Add your own Custom CSS
  • Create global elements that will be used on your entire website, change it once, and will be spread evenly throughout
  • Advanced search form and categorization to easily find any element you need
  • Make style changes that will be applied throughout the entire site, all without coding
  • Change the theme settings like site title, logo, description, all from one interface
  • Create your design system to make a consistent style on your entire site
  • Set default styles for colors, typography, buttons, and other elements
  • Full control over the entire layout of your website
  • Create global color and typography styles

Professional Support and Extensive Help Center

  • Our team of support will be ready to help you through every issue you encounter with our themes, always kindly and precisely resolving any problem
  • We will be available 24/7 for all our clients
  • Feature Packed Updates will have your website always running on the latest version of the theme forever
  • We welcome every feedback from our clients as it helps us improve our products
  • We provide an advanced ticketing system where you can create a ticket and you will be receiving professional support from our team directly
  • We proudly state that our author rating from our clients stands at 4.98 from 5 with more than 480+ reviews with 5 stars
  • Use other channels like our blog to get knowledge and insights on WordPress, themes, plugins, and everything about your website
  • Become a part of our social community to exchange knowledge with other clients surrounded by solidarity and the availability to help others
  • Engage in our growing community to get the best interactive experience from our tech support and tech enthusiasts actively participating.
  • Extensive documentation on how to use the theme and detailed articles on each feature, element, and component of Ginea
  • High-resolution video tutorials that yet again show you use the theme and create any page on your website, all visually

Premium Plugin Integration and Compatibility

  • Ginea is fully integrated and compatible with every version of Elementor Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • WooCommerce full integration and compatible
  • WPML plugin compatibility and translation ready
  • Polylang compatible
  • Compatible with Contact Form 7
  • WP Rocket plugin compatibility
  • WP Super Cache
  • W3 Total Cache
  • MemberPress
  • Yoast SEO
  • Rank Math
  • Learn Dash
  • PODS Plugin
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Bluehost hosting provider compatibility
  • SiteGround
  • Events Calendar plugin compatibility
  • Custom Post Types
  • JetPack
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Sucuri plugin compatibility
  • Updraft Plus
  • WP Forms

Extended Features

  • Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode
  • Inherit Option
  • Complete Design Freedom
  • Unlimited Google Maps Styles
  • Auto Updates
  • Social Media support and link
  • Margin and Padding to add space around and outside the elements
  • Z-Index – This property allows you to precisely place elements on your page in a stack order of elements
  • CSS ID – You set CSS ID for your section, a customs selector which can find many uses
  • CSS Classes – Add your custom CSS class with a specific class attribute
  • Absolute Position – This will allow you to place your elements more precisely and anywhere you want on the page
  • Valid HTML5/CSS3
  • Fancybox Gallery
  • Attachment Page
  • Split Screen Page
  • Developer Friendly
  • Coded in PSR2 style
  • Social Media Integration
  • Share Buttons
  • Blockquotes
  • Social Icon Element
  • Progress Bar
  • Countdown Element
  • Infographic Elements
  • Built-in RTL Support
  • Translation Files
  • Engaging and Beautiful Animations
  • Motion Effects
  • Enhanced Backgrounds
  • Add Videos as Backgrounds
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Upload Custom Fonts
  • Advanced color picker with full flexibility
  • Gradient Backgrounds
  • Shape Dividers
  • Background SLideshows
  • CSS Filters and Blend Moder
  • Sticky Elements, Columns, or Sections
  • Design Beautiful Slides
  • Testimonials
  • Pricing Tables
  • Price Lists
  • Hamburger Menu
  • Nav Menu
  • Pre-designed header templates
  • Search Form Element
  • Custom Field Integration

Changelog & Update History

Click here to view the latest changelog of the Neuron Builder.


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