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PowerBlog is a bit different than many other blog theme. The layout brings something new to the table. We tried to avoid the use of the same old fashioned blog layouts and instead create something really unique.

The WordPress Theme!


  • Lightweight: First goal was to make a unique style with a totally different UI but at the same time to not overload with different useless scripts and styles.
  • Fast: Load pages faster. Nobody wants a slow site and that’s why the second goal has been achieved using AJAX. Loading inner pages is fast that sometimes you get the sensation that the content has been loaded in a millisecond
  • Real unlimited color variations.
  • Keyboard navigation
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • YARPP compatible
  • 3 pagination styles: Continuous, double, numbers
  • Multiple article styles.
  • A complex grid system. Check it out, it can do so much.
  • Different article styles.
  • Floating search form and footer.
  • Built with LESS. Changing the design is like editing just one or two variables.
  • Tested on real mobile devices(Android at this time)
  • All base HTML elements are tested. Check the demo.
  • And many more…. don’t take the words, see it in action.

PowerBlog - Modern AJAX Blog Theme - 1

PowerBlog - Modern AJAX Blog Theme - 2



  • The images from demo are not included.



  • Bug fix: Incorrect post title url in ‘titan’ style.


  • Bug fix: Incorect post title url in ‘titan min’ style.
  • Bug fix: Invalid argument in powerblog_category_labels function.
  • Improvement: Do not show color settings if “ZeroWP LESS CSS Compiler” plugin is not active.
  • Bug fix: Do not display “Draft” posts in search results.
  • Make form element select max width 100%.
  • Improvement: Use `word-wrap: break-word;` for post title and nested lists.
  • Improvement: Fixing te space between many category labels.
  • Design improvements for default WordPress widget “Recent Comments”.
  • Design improvements for “WP Image Caption”.
  • Design improvements for Nav menus from widgets.
  • Decrease the space on the left for nested ul, ol lists.


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