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skateboarding , SKATEBOARDING'S BIGGEST CONTROVERSY , , NwgFYsts5s8 , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwgFYsts5s8 , https://i.ytimg.com/vi/NwgFYsts5s8/hqdefault.jpg , 5320 , 5.00 , What is skateboarding's biggest controversy? The battle between Varial Kickflips and Tre Flips have been waging for years? Which trick is easier, better, more stylish, and performed better at all levels?

Today, Aaron Kyro and the Braille Skateboarding Team takes a deep dive into this controversy and even goes into what they prefer. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Date: January 26, 2023

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  1. Gabe is just trying to be special by linking an unlikable trick. Everybody in skateboarding doing video parts is trying to be special, by landing the hardest stuff first or amateurs by just sticking to random tricks like this.

  2. once you learn 3pop or 3flip its “harder” to have the board only do one shuv in a varial thats like basically the only reason a varial is harder for an experienced skater, but as a beginner doing one shuv in a varial is easier than a whole trey

  3. Jonny Giger has the best varial flip. If more people did them like him, then I think they would be less hated. It makes me want to go try and make the best looking varial flip I can.

  4. 45 year old skater here. Once I had a kickflip, it took about 2 days to land my first varial flip. But the tre flip took me 2 MONTHS to land. So the tre is much harder (for me). For someone my age, the tre flip has a lot more risk and impact on my body. Right now, I could likely land a varial flip given a bunch of tries. It would be a minor miracle for me to land another tre.

  5. 360 flips just seems to be every trick in every gap or bit, it's oversaturated. It's reaching the level where it's a meme, much like kickflip. Varial on a gap can be surprising and thus gets more cool points in my book.

    I don't disagree with anything being said, but any trick that's so saturated just don't get any excitement out of me, even though it should.

  6. I somehow figured out varial flips before the kickflip. I didn't know what I was doing and the varial flips would just work. However after I learned kickflips I really couldn't do varial flips anymore. Idkw.

  7. Look everyone is gonna have a different opinion on aesthetics, but when it comes to skill this is as simple as 360 hard versus and 360 inward heel versus inward heel. Anytime the board does more on one radius than another trick it takes more skill and is harder. It’s very uncommon in the normal streets for people to miss varial flips, maybe once you get to a mastery level they become harder because you neglect them but if you’re of mastery status both of them should be easy.

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