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Staying Warm Living In A Car in Winter


Sharing some of my experience of living in car last winter in Northern Utah and a few of the things I did to stay warm while sleeping. Some of the ideas I share can be adapted for use in your home.

Where Max spent most of the Winter:
Hot Hands hand warmers-40 pack:

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Date: September 18, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Staying Warm Living In A Car in Winter

  1. Hello Listening and hearing your story I actually had a friend that had to go through the same thing I was even in the vehicle with them for a short period of time to help them. MiCRo climates and layering is very important

  2. I appreciate you being able to talk about this experience. It is excellent knowledge you are passing on for anyone needing to be able to survive the winter. I know many individuals that can not afford their rent due to major increases from mgmt companies. Even tho they are working full time. There are very few rental places available as of lately where I live.
    Thank you again for passing this knowledge on. I try to help others anytime I can. I realize that could be me one day bc of my medical issues. Have a Blessed Day.

  3. For many years of my married life, we did not have a working furnace. We did have a wood stove. My husband at that time would bring wood in before he went to work the night shift. I would get up in the middle of the night and get the fire going as I tried to keep my little boy, our 2 dogs, and 4 cats from freezing to death. I can identify with you and the hardships you have experienced. Those experiences are nothing to feel embarrassed about. They have shaped us into survivors! I love your content! New subscriber here who has been binge watching your videos tonight!

  4. You are a very STRONG woman! I dont know if most people could of lived thru what you had to. I dont know the whole back story of why or how the situation happened but I am glad you were kept safe and that you had a place to stay that was safe. I think most business if you are treating the area with respect and the officers with respect they realize your not up to no good they will turn an eye and let you all live best way you can. Thanks for sharing your story and I am glad you all have an apartment and now even a bigger one coming! God is good all the time!

  5. It takes a strong person to share the hard times they've had. This may be information that saves someone else in the situation. You did what you had to do and took care of you and your brother. God bless

  6. I once read recommendations from a woman who had been homeless for several years and the one that has stuck with me all these years later is that she said you need to be in your bed roll ready for sleeping within 30 minutes of stopping moving. So get your dishes done or whatever, brush your teeth and get in bed. Otherwise you risk not being able to get warm that night.

  7. Awesome, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom on this topic. This could be lifesaving for someone (any one of us really). I never thought about adding insulation to the floor!

  8. Thank you for giving us hope making this video, it's greatly appreciated! I know it can be a difficult subject, but I think you did a great job finding the words to explain everything well.

  9. Thank you for sharing this. I appreciate you so much! Your experience will surely be helpful to others facing a similar situation. You have a wonderful heart to help others be prepared and I love you for that. 💋 ps – Those hot hands are really good!!

  10. Also thankyou for sharing very touching 💙 shows what a strong cable women you are also its all to do with prepping shows you can survive in the outside , l been homeless also I was lucky I got a place in a shelter. It was still scary for me I had a one year old with me so I didn't give up but I don't know if I would be strong enough to stay outside. All your tips were really helpful because our government says that we might be able to afford the heating this winter thankyou . You got a kind soul.x

  11. I appreciate you and your heart for helping others so much ❤️ it's never easy talking about an experience like this because it brings up those intense memories. I'm certain that your tips will help anyone who's faced with homelessness. Thank you 💕

  12. When I slept in my car, I made a "biscuit tin heater" as the name suggests take a metal biscuit tin and punch several holes in the lid, only need to be small (stabbing it with a sharp knife several times will be enough) then stick a lighted tea light candle (not sure what you call them) inside the tin and stick the lid on. The hole let in air for the candle and the candle heats up the tin.
    I used to put mine in the footwell of my car, raised up on a couple of spanners to let the air flow under the tin. Also used to leave the front air vents open and the car heater set to cold to let air into the car and cracked both the rear windows to get an air flow – Never use a candle in an enclosed space with no ventilation !!
    An 8hr candle will last all night and give out a surprising amount of heat – will also work in the house, just don't place it on a flammable or melt able surface and crack the window.

  13. Thank you for sharing your experience. I believe that the way we are going, we'll soon see a dramatic increase of people in this condition, so now, the challenge is to get your knowledge / experience into their hands so that they, too, might survive

  14. I know it must be hard on you to talk about this, Dianne, but you ARE helping people. My heart goes out to you. I was just hearing about how very many people are homeless, and how very many are facing eviction. "They" want this, they want us all to accept what they want to do, but they will have to make MANY people suffer to accomplish this. Anything that we can do or help others to help themselves is holy, charitable work. God bless you.
    I used to get very cold at night,(now I get hot, messed up body!). I have a big piece of fleece blanketing and used to roll up like a burrito and that is how I get warm. Now Joe-the-Husband who used to get hot gets cold, and sleeps much of the time in a wool 'watchcap' which I ordered cheap off of Amazon.

  15. Hot water in a Nalgene in the bottom of a sleeping bag works well too.
    Zippo makes a refillable hand warmer that lasts 12 hours.
    Anyone in an apartment needs to read their lease carefully. Many state that not having your utilities on is a lease violation and could get you evicted. Consider consolidating down to one room or using a tent to lower your electric bill instead of risking eviction.

  16. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. How amazing you found an organization to help you with Max. Really great tips here…I sleep with a soft beanie on during winter. You are so right about the hot hands, they are AMAZING! Yes, we need to have compassion for the homeless…we never know what someone is going through! Have a great Wednesday, God bless🙌❤

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