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Stealth Camping in the City + Installing Cameras in the Van


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Date: January 25, 2023

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25 thoughts on “Stealth Camping in the City + Installing Cameras in the Van

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these window cameras and your courage about overcoming vanlife travel fears. Its nice that your German friend is back. Enjoy your journey migrating South with the Whales.

  2. Really nice reflexions, I’m so happy because I’m Mexican and you described my country like it is I been in USA and there are cities that are more scare and nobody said nothing. But anyway have a good trip 👏🏼

  3. You Women make me smile! I love your videos. Back in San Francisco, sweet, I have never been but am adding it to the list. Baja too!! I finally got my replacement van and am at the build out stage. I can not wait to leave this place I have been stuck in for 25 years. The videos you make are so beautiful they make me tear up. See you on the road maybe some day!!

  4. So just some questions or idea maybe for a video. How do your parents feel about Tori and you being gay and likewise with Tori and her parents? How did you tell them?

  5. I enjoy your videos! You always share tips or things you’ve learned along your journey that make a HUGE difference. I plan to travel in about 6 months and was worried about WiFi since I plan to move frequently. I totally forgot about Starlink for internet!! Thank you for sharing!! 🔥

  6. Sarah yak,
    Please, take courage. I am sorry that people used to install fears , in you, by warning comments.
    How can I install self confidence, in you?
    Perhaps, I should tell you how wonderful, you are. Hope you already know that.
    Appreciate you, Sarah yak.
    Glad to see Ellie, so sweet.
    Tell me who your friends are, and I tell you who you are.

  7. Sorry another totally professional vanlife proffesionaly produced YouTube channel can't everyone spot these? Why is it so hard to see this isn't a self produced video?

  8. I totally agree that nature, national forests, and parks are much safer than the city. Like my friends in NYC are like, you're going to die out in the desert, and meanwhile they are in a crime wave.

  9. Hello 👋 I am 50 years old and I am John from Australia and I am struggling with my anxiety and mental health issues and I am really wondering if you have it how you amazing ladies deal with it prayers and thoughts for you both love your amazing channel love your family friend John ❤❤❤

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