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Strain Improvement With Selection and Evolution


mesothelioma symptoms , Strain Improvement With Selection and Evolution , , Btp6aS-Uz0M , , , 957 , 5.00 , Ginkgo’s foundry brings together many technologies for taking your strains to the next level. Think about strains that show robust growth on your preferred feedstock with high metabolic activity and productivity. We work with bacterial, yeast, fungal, mammalian and your favorite strains.

This Virtual Event features tech rooted in evolution and screening that can deliver strain improvements even without genetic modification. The EncapS platform for Encapsulation and screening can assay up to 1 million strain variants in a single run. The ALE platform for Adaptive Laboratory Evolution can maintain growing cultures under selective media conditions to evolve traits that could not be rationally designed.

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Date: March 18, 2023

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5 thoughts on “Strain Improvement With Selection and Evolution

  1. Jake did a good job hosting. I found useful the explanation for the acquisition of FGen and Altar. The explanation given by Ginkgo and it's partners showed off what they are doing. Enjoyed it hope he does more shows.

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