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SUMMER OUTFITS 2022! Powerpuff Girls Dolls Kill Try On!


Doing a summer outfits video for 2022 today!! Trying on Dolls Kill Powerpuf Girls Outfits!



😭 I'm Never Leaving My House Again… ►



🤑 HUGE SHOPPING SPREE! I Spent All My Money… ►



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Date: September 16, 2022

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38 thoughts on “SUMMER OUTFITS 2022! Powerpuff Girls Dolls Kill Try On!

  1. Hope you guys have been having a great summer!! I love the powerpuff girls so I was sooo excited to try these outfits!! Give this video a LIKE if you liked them and enjoyed watching!! Love you guys! 🙂 💙💖💚

  2. Please eat! You are going to die if you continue. Your body will eat your organs. I am not trying to be mean. You can still look beautiful if you eat. I urge you to seek professional help as soon as possible.

  3. For the people hating I genuinely hope you guys educate yourself and watch Aline Dessine take on youtube its in french so you have to put english subs on, but it change my mind on Eugenia.

  4. Honey please contact someone for help about your ED. Before you reach an unfortunate demise. You can say your fine but you very clearly aren't. People love you and care about you. We would all hate to lose you.

  5. I don’t keep up with her, but does anyone ever see her wear ANY of these clothes outside of the house? She has haul after haul after haul, but I feel like it all goes straight to the trash or is just filling up the basement or something.

  6. No one is ever going to know the truth after she’s gone. They won’t ever know her story. She’s just going to be this girl that had millions of people watch her die, very slowly. She’s going to go without ever getting everything off her chest. Idk. Maybe she has close friends or a therapist or something. It kind of stinks that the people who have been concerned for her well-being, or those who genuinely enjoyed her despite her Illness…for all these years…will simply hear that she’s dead one day.

  7. She's always high. That's why she always has that stupid smile on her face & her eyes always look stoned. I suspect Xanax . It makes her aloof. So she literally doesn't give a fuck. I'm an addict somit takes one to know one. I'm newly sober though.

  8. She an addict not just sick from an eating disorder. She's fucked. Her chances of getting help are highly unlikely. We all need to just remember if her family can't help her & she doesn't want help , our words have zero effect on her. Eating disorder & a drug addiction (pills like her mom) . She gets a lot of attention from people who fetishize her. That's why she does it. For financial reasons. Just like nikacado avacado. They both know what works to make money. Only difference is Nick doesn't have any drug addiction or take any pills. I think she needs to go to detox & get clean before she's able to deal with her eating disorder. My ex is a meth addict and he's like 90 lbs and he thinks he's fat. They are both delusional selfish narcasists. Eugenia knows exactly what she is doing. She's making adult fetish content. She has made it very obvious . We need to stop watching her videos all together , we need to stop checking in on her. She has had no consequences to her actions towards herself because her mother coddles her & treats her like a 12 year old little girl .

  9. Shes afraid of having an intellectual conversation and acting her age because that is just too much reality. We know she doesn't talk like this, have yall heard Britney Spears when shes around certain company? That baby voice goes right out the window and in walks that Mississippi Queen. Both women stuck in thier own worlds and teenage years

  10. I am curious how many people disliked this.. dislike this comment if u want to feed my curiosity..

    she triggers me so bad:// my heart hurts so bad for all the young boys and girls who use her state for thinspo:( it’s disgusting and heartbreaking.

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