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Tarp Camping In Cold Temperatures


tarp camping in cold temperatures with open tarp shelter and sleeping bag. cooking food on twig stove fire and enjoying nature on this overnight bushcraft adventure .

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Date: September 21, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Tarp Camping In Cold Temperatures

  1. Jeremy, really nice outing u & family .You re right its gettin cool at night these days.Your tarp there where is it available, and whats the price? Cheers from Sechelt B.C..

  2. Have you done a video on safety when out camping? Or a video with some tips on safety from intruders or bears? My husband and I love your videos and Boomer brings so much sweetness to your videos.

  3. The most impressive thing is always how you manage to bring and store away all this stuff, amazing!! I never camped in the wild so I assume you just use the bushes for toilet breaks 🙂?? Not sure if anyone ever asked this.

  4. Again. An amazing video. Boomer is so stinking cute!! He looks like a little Fox laying in the covered ground (not sure what the shrubbery is called, sorry)

  5. Ahhhh sunrise and sunsets simply beautiful each day we're allowed to embrace it…so please pay homage 🤔 to it 😁…as usual thanks you too for sharing your lovely camping excursions, appreciate it 💪🏿✌🏿💯

  6. While camping in the white sands desert rattle snakes used to crawl under my sleeping bag looking for heat. Had to roll over before opening the bag and getting out every morning.

  7. Hey J&K! You guys are just doin tings up in a great way today. Wishing I could be a stone's throw away from y'all right there. the vegetation floor looks like y'all walking on a sponge. Y'all can cut the firewood and I'll be sawing logs of a different sort in my tent dere! 😂And dat Boomer is just da cutest little fella! He so attentive. Louiziana man says "Camp-On" brother!

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