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The Coming EXPLOSION of People LIVING In RV's, CARS, & VANS


In the next 5 to 10 years there will be a massive increase in the number of people living out of their vehicles. We are already seeing people turning from stick and brick houses in large numbers to live full time in RVs, and more and more people are vandwelling, or living in cars.

But I personally feel that the coming decade will see the numbers increase tenfold if not more. In this video I break down the reasons why I think we will see close to 2 million full time rvers, vandwellers, and cardwellers by 2028.


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Date: September 17, 2022

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26 thoughts on “The Coming EXPLOSION of People LIVING In RV's, CARS, & VANS

  1. It's happening. I'm noticing it. Years ago, I lived in my car for 6 months.
    And then, I rented a apt to help out my brother. Kind of regret it. Wasted 1.3k out of my pocket just to pay rent and bills every month for a year! No thanks.

    Now, I'm living in my used car again for about a year and so now. I felt better not being obligated and own my free time and utilize my money where I wanted to pay.

  2. the problem isn't capitalism. the problem is corruption and corporatism. a lot of people want to get out of this "late stage capitalism" and switch into socialism. that will makes things 1000 times WORSE!. Stick to the capitalism, ditch the corruption and don't think that socialism or communism is the solution to anything. Historically, socialism and communism only leads to enslavement and 0% freedom for 99% of the population, much worse than what we are experiencing today!

  3. Like Schwab himself said, "You will own nothing…" and that is true in a sense. In the past 5 years or so, we sure have seen an incredible amount. If i didnt have my support network, i would be homeless. So, can say for sure I understand. Great content.

  4. Fast forward 4 years from this video…pandemic contribute to inflation and more people car living and RV. I have to pay off my car first but I will be getting a class b motorhome in about 2 years

  5. It’s now 2022 and 4 years ago you said it and I’ve been wanting to be a nomad since 2019 the world is finally waking up 👏🏽 a 1 bedroom is now $1200-$1600 these fools are losing their minds🗣 keep your money people you’ll put them out of business

  6. I make a pretty good passive income, but it will be hard to keep up with rent increases for the next few years. My landlord increased my rent $300. She then decided to add another $50. She was ready for me to move out in 45 days if I did not pay the extra $50. That is pure greed. She even said she was not making enough profit. —- some people go to Mexico and other places to survive. There are actually lots of countries where you can live cheaper than in the US.

  7. Right now in the US 30-40 million people have rents too high due to greed and many of those will hit the open road.
    Rent will continue to climb so people will have no choice.
    I saw a guy today working on rv's and camper vans and he needs 15 hands to keep up with demand today.

  8. Van life and car life Iare good for a young healthy person. You can work save up enough money and buy your own home free and clear. Plenty of room in this country. Don't give up people. I agree it can rough.

  9. Awesome! I have a small house with small rooms and I love watching van lifers and car lifers as well. After years of watching videos on them, I am starting to think of trying it. Will start living in my pick up and park in my driveway. This should be very doable.

  10. Whelp moving into my car next month. I feel like more of us should have seen this coming. I'd been interested in van life for a few years but could never get enough money together then I found out car life was a thing and since mine was already paid off I figured better to go live in my car before a rent increase forced my hand.

  11. There are you tube channels of people who do this. Ultimately it just goes to show you that people are recognizing that you cannot really make it in this world as they have made all the normal things far too expensive. I love that people came up with this and I love that you tube has facilitated the information.

  12. As a person who lives a "minimal lifestyle", I have never owned a home at the age of 48 and have no desire to be tethered to "sticks and bricks". I am looking seriously looking into #vanlife. It is very easily attainable and mobile and doesn't require the constant up keep as a house. Great video!!!!

  13. The deception of the masses is here now, due to the Marxists ruling from the grave. But biblically prophesied. Going into debt is sin. Capitalism is not. Socialism is light communism and simply spreads around the pain where only the elite controllers have the wealth. “Even a dog wants his own bone.” – Richard Wurmbrand. Wise up, millennials, and love your own souls. “Buy the truth and sell it not.”

  14. This is where I am at brotha. I have to stay here in SD cali due to joint custody with my ex wife but the rent is so costly here in a few months Ive decided to go full rv lifestyle but I am Blessed to have a full time job that is all online.

  15. I have a small Class A RV (22ft). It's completely paid off. I use it 2-3 times a year. I'm asked "Why do you keep that thing? You hardly use it."

    I have my own home (mortgaged still). I have a good paying job. But things can change…fast.
    If worse comes to worst, I have a backup plan. The RV has solar power, tankless water heater, four different sources of heat, three different sources of cooling, LED lighting all around.
    I invested in upgrades while I still have the funds to do it.

    Tough times are coming. The signs are out there. Prepare for them while you can.

  16. Think about it, when in ever our history, has there been 7 million people cant pay their car payment. If we could work steady jobs, get paid well, have benefits, this would not be going on. This did not happen, in the fifties, when their were unions. DO IT. JOIN your UNIONs

  17. There is something people could do if they would listen to other people.. Unions, life was controlled by a counter balance when we had a counter balance. Unions kept the companies somewhat honest. CEOs are stealing from workers in unbelievable amount. If we could write our Congressman, and tell them if a company leaves the US, they can no longer, market in the country they left the (US).

  18. This guy is correct, Im going to live in my van, Im not able to afford an apartment, or Im going to move to Ecuador, or Bolivia. I never could get a good steady jobs, there is no unions are anymore so I never got a decent wage, even though I have a degree in Electronics, and many years of experience, also have higher degrees. America is not the opportune place to be, unless your are lucky to be in the medical field or have family to help you. I never had any of those things, I never knew my father, and my mother died when I was just 14 and I was shoved around to uncle to grandmother. So I am going to leave soon and move out on my own, and live in my van, which i really dont mind, Its just used to sleep in or relax in. When I do, that leaves me with the big expense of rent, and I dont want to live in one place anyways. I dont want to live in a cramped studio apartment.

  19. Dear Mr. Ward: THANKS for posting an EXCELLENT video! I agree with you but would like to share comments:
    1. I think that RV and other vehicle living will be limited because local city and government agencies will forbid in car living on the streets
    2. Many people share apartments with family and even strangers…..I think shared living will be the new wave of the future from now and for the next 2 generations until there is a revolution
    3. What a sad day in this world when the American dream (homes, vacations, solid retirement funds) is long becoming unobtainable
    4. Above all else…..Trusting and believing in God and preparation through knowledge/advice will make the difference.
    Thanks again

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